Restful Day

Just as I expected, Lucy has slept most of the day.  Her body is run down and she feels just yucky.  Erik came down and I went to the Target House to gather our things for the next few days.  I was able to take a shower and for that EVERYONE is thankful.  Now we just wait.  They took cultures of her blood and let me do cultures of her nose and bottom today.  They will let those sit in the lab for 48 hours and we just pray that nothing grows.  Most fevers during low ANC are never attributed to anything specific.  It's usually just par for the course.  However, every now and then true infections can set in and things get tricky.  We are just going to pray, pray, pray that everything stays uneventful around here for Lucy.

The source of contention for her is her mouth.  The oral mucositis that had reared its ugly head during irradiation has returned.  She can hardly swallow and her throat is raw and sore.  She won't even swallow her saliva, which is as thick and sticky as glue.  We have a suction in our room that she is learning to use.  The worst part is that she gags on it and then starts vomiting.  Once her ANC starts to rise, the symptoms should subside. 

While I am here this week, I am going to try to finish updating pictures from 2010 so I can print my blog book for last year.  I've got a lot of catching up to do.  The hot chocolate/coffee cart just came by so I am going to work with my hot chocolate in hand.  This is the part of the evening I look forward to the most.  Volunteers come around with the cart each night and it is such a nice gesture. 

Since I can't have a post without pictures, here are some that I had taken with my phone that I wanted to post. 
 Ella and Lucy at the top of Laurel Falls

 Jack asleep in the exersaucer

How cute is this chunky monkey in his carseat?

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  1. Wow, she is so beautiful in your arms! We will pray that her sores heal and she is able to swallow and start to drink & eat. I tried to post to your pity story a couple of days ago...it wouldn't let me. I have been reading your blog for several months and our family is praying for Lucy. I know you feel those prayers, even from strangers. You are so strong...and it's when you are strong that you might begin to doubt your decisions. These months with Lucy will come and go and you will soon all be together. Those kids are being cared for by family who love them almost as much as you do! I'm a Nana of 9 and I pray for my little ones to stay healthy, but if we had a crisis situation, I would be there to help...and that's what you have to let your family do!
    In Christian faith...the addler family

  2. This picture of Kate made me cry, although she looks so peaceful. Bless her heart, she is one brave little girl!!

    Praying the fevers are not due to infection...

  3. Kate, I meant the picture of Lucy!! Sorry:)

  4. Poor thing! That sounds like it could make anybody miserable...especially a 5 year old! Sounds so painful! =( Praying it gets better soon!

    I love the picture of Ella and Lucy at the falls! And the last picture of Jack is simply ADORABLE! Love those kids!


  5. I check your blog 5-10 times a day....just so I can say a quick prayer for your family. I admire you and your family for your faith in God during this trial of your lives.

    Sending all of our love to you:
    Harris Family in Arkansas

  6. She is beautiful! I love the Laurel Falls pic. The last time I was there was when I was pregnant with Hannah, who will be 6 in October. Now that we live closer to the Smokies it's time for an overdue family pic there.

    Thank you for your honesty on here.... your good days and your bad. Some people may thing that God is only glorified in the good things, when we thank Him, praise Him, etc... but those same people are forgetting Who carries us through the hard times.
    His strength is perfect, yes, but that doesn't mean we have to pretend we are not weak and don't need Him. Your transparency is a blessing.

  7. Sweet girl! Praying for the fever to leave and for the sores in her mouth to heal.

    Nice picture of the girls and Jack, well he is so cute!

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Quite the precious picture of your Lucy...asleep and so peaceful looking. Darn it all with not being able to swallow!!! Grr... (I am amazed at the gracious way you write, because I can tell you, I would be typing in all CAPS with some serious pounding on the keyboard ...cancer just makes me MAD enough to want to punch my monitor. :( You are doing an amazing job with all three of your kids...very sweet photos of the sisters and your chunky monkey! More prayers coming your way...

  9. What a precious picture...she looks so peaceful in her sleep!

  10. Kate,
    I have been catching up on your blog...we got a new computer and just got everything working...Been loving the pictures! I appreciated your SuperWoman post! What an encouragement to me! I read it to my husband and he said, "Boy, that sounds just like you!" I get these plans built up in my mind and things never seem to work out that way! I loved your honesty! Thanks for being a wonderful teacher to me through that post! We haven't stopped praying for Lucy! Keep it up!!!

  11. Hang in there strong mama! HIS strength is being made perfect in YOUR (and Lucy's) weaknesses. You are such an amazing mom (regardless of how you feel on your worst days) and I so admire your perseverence and honesty. God is being glorified as a result of that!

  12. Hello Kate,

    I have been following your blog for awhile now. My daughter and I pray for Lucy often. You are constantly in my thoughts. I found some all natural flavored lollipops designed for individuals in chemotherapy to help ease nausea, dry mouth, and give an energy boost. My daughter saved her money and wants to send some to Lucy. They have been ordered. I am going to send them to the address on the blog. If this is something Lucy enjoys please let me know and we would like to supply her with lollipops for as long as she will have them. My email address is karifanguy@yahoo.com. Let me know if you would like them sent to another address and if she would like more.

    Kari Fanguy

  13. I pray that God will cradle your little baby in HIS arms and breathe HIS healing breath upon her. As I look at the photos of your other children, I know that it is only by God's strength that YOU are able to get through each day. Blessings and prayers upon you all!

  14. Praying her numbers will rise & her symptoms will ease. Also that the fever is nothing.

  15. Praying for your sweet girl to feel better and to be healed completely. She looks SO beautiful in the picture snuggling on your lap. God bless you.

  16. Very cute pictures, Lucy looks so restful. Poor Lucy though, Mucositis is the worst, I am praying that her ANC starts going up!