It's Snowing!!

Yes, that's right.  The deep South got the earliest snow I can ever remember.  It's just beautiful and the girls were mesmerized.  Ella even kept asking to make snow cream.  That kind of snow would have gotten us a day off from school tomorrow.  Oh well, to school it will be and Lucy is thrilled.  She went today for about 2 hours and we plan on letting her go most of the morning tomorrow. 

Happy snow day!

And Merry Christmas, too!

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  1. No snow here yet!



  2. I don't believe it!!! And we haven't had any snow yet in Helsinki, Finland. = )

    It's bee great to see your pictures! You have a wonderful family.

  3. Kate, I am so happy for you all to finally have a day where you can enjoy the day together. (even if it is snowing) I have to smile when I hear people get so excited to see snow because here in Vermont when we see the first snowflake come down every one starts complaining as we know what is in store for us for the next few months. Your new sidebar pictures are so cute. Loves the pictures of the tree trimming.

  4. How pretty! It has just started snowing in Martin this morning. School is on the go here, as well.

    I am so excited for Lucy, and for you and Eric, too, as slowly her days are returning to a new norm. I have no doubt that God selected the perfect teacher just for her as she moves through this time in her life.

    May you "see" Him as you carry your cross today.

    Love to your family.
    Selena Bragg

  5. Yay! I am SOOOO glad Lucy is loving school. And a little jealous of your snow... Hope to see you this weekend!

    -Sarah Good

  6. No fair! I live in Western NY and WE haven't had snow yet!!! Praying for you always!