This Weekend

This weekend we........

Trimmed out tree:

Watched the deer that was hanging out in our backyard before church:

Tried to snap a picture of this very active, but super adorable, little boy in his church coat:

Celebrated my Dad and Mom's birthday.  We were supposed to be celebrating my sister's as well, but she had a sick baby.  Yuck!

And helped Mom and Dad trim their tree:

The picture above was from this year.  The picture below was from last year.  The girls are wearing the same dresses from last year!

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  1. I love the comparison between last year and this year. It really puts everything into perspective. Happy decorating!

  2. Your Dad in both tree pictures how cute is that.

  3. Your children are adorable!! Continued prayer for Lucy and your family as you continue on the journey that the Lord knew about before time. Bless you this holiday season. - Patty Mears

  4. Where did you get the girls' dresses? They are so cute!