Yes, Yes We Are

To steal a line from one of our favorite shows, "Phineas and Ferb,"......"Yes, yes we are." 
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  1. God has blessed your sweet Lucy in the past months, and I am so prayerfully counting on a complete healing for her. I have been reading your blog since last March, and I pray daily for your family. Our God is so awesome, and I am depending on Him to reach down and touch Lucy with his amazing hand. I will continue to pray daily, and I look so forward to thanking Him for her healing. Love to all, Pat Williams, a Tuscaloosa grandmother

  2. Yes even I am! In the short time I have been reading your journal she has taught me a lot. I even put her button on my journal. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  3. She is so gorgeous! I have been following your blog since last April & I just love little Lucy! She is such a strong, brave girl. I don't know many grown adults who could endure what she has with the strength she has everyday. Prayers to you and your gorgeous family and I pray for you everyday!
    - A Fellow Lucy , Providence, RI

  4. What an adorable picture! SO so so so good to see Lucy all happy and smiling again!


  5. Never has a more appropriate t-shirt been made! What a blessing Lucy is to so, so many. I am thankful for Lucy and I've never met her. Truly a special, beautiful, amazing little girl. Happy Holidays to you guys. How great is our God!!?!!? LOVE this picture!

  6. What a gorgeous & courageous little girl. Thank you for sharing your story ... big hugs to you and your family Lucy!