Family time before Ella leaves for school....

The girls helped me back crescent rolls filled with peanut butter and chocolate chips.  Yum!
On Monday, Lucy's platelet count was 54. 50 was the magic number to get to in order for her line to be removed. WBC was 2.5, Hgb was 9.7, ANC was 1100. Today, her platelets held at 54, WBC was 2.7, Hgb was 9.5 and ANC was 1200. She skirted by with the 54, but it met criteria so we went for it! I was so nervous but really excited.

Today was so huge for all us, but most importantly Lucy.  I think, psychologically, this will jump start her healing process.  She has made gigantic strides so far.  Its funny how I can't always tell day to day how much she has improved.  But as we walked the halls at St. Jude today we were stopped by countless people telling Erik and I how wonderful Lucy looked.  How she had so much life in her eyes and they couldn't believe she was walking so much.  More than one person told me today that they had never seen her out of the stroller before.  And its true, she NEVER walked.  She just couldn't.  It's great being reminded every now and then by people who don't see her every day how wonderful she looked.  It did my heart good. 

Erik went along today in hopes that the line would be pulled.  I'm so glad he did because it was a busy day and the line pull was as bad as I could have imagined it would be.  Not being dramatic, just honest.  I literally almost passed out.  Lucy was so brave. 

Before we went in to procedures, Lucy spent a leisurely morning having a smorgasbord of food that she really wanted to like, but didn't.

And then was escorted around the hospital by her father in the princess chariot. (I would have made her walk....)

This is the life-size gingerbread house that St. Jude built.  It even has a fireplace inside!

Chill-laxing before we get Lucy's labs.  My stomach is in knots by this point.

After we got the go-ahead, we made a pit-stop by the annual gingerbread decorating party (which was oh-my-goodness a mad house!)

 Lucy donned her chef's hat and coat (which she got to keep) and was paired with a local chef who was volunteering for the big event.  It was one of the coolest events we had attended so far.

Then...D-Day.  Here is what the line looks like.

This is Kim, the wonderful lady who does most of the line placements and removals.  Since Lucy was unfortunate enough to have multiple femoral lines for Apheresis, we got to know Kim real well!  Kim took great care of Lucy and although the procedure was a little trickier than most (wouldn't that be Lucy's luck), it is done and she is one happy little girl. 

We had to hang around Memphis for a few hours to make sure that there were no complications, so we celebrated with a lunch at Pei Wei and did a little Christmas wishing!  Thank you all for your prayers today.  They were definitely felt. 

As an aside, I got a pretty good lecture from Dr. W's nurse and nurse practitioner today.  Lucy's MRI has already been scheduled for January and I immediately began to ask "what if" questions.  They both stopped me mid-sentence and told me it was time to start living again.  It was time to walk away from this.  It was time to go in faith that all will be well.  Never were more true words spoken, but they are not easy to swallow. 

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  1. Continued prayers for you & your family! Sounds like it was a good day!



  2. Wow! God is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing, once again, Kate. Continued blessings and healing to you all.

  3. What a blessing today was! Much love and prayers are being sent to you and you special family!!!

  4. Yay, Lucy got her line removed! Thank you Jesus! She has been through more than what most of us adults will ever know, and still she smiles.
    Kate, I am so grateful for you, Lucy, and your blog. As I did a great deal of yard work yesterday, all I could think about was all that I am thankful for, and your family came to mind. I am beyond grateful for Lucy's courage, and your ability to so clearly communicate her trials, your concerns, and your family's daily life. Even more, I'm grateful for the cross of Jesus, and the powerful healing and salvation of His resurrection! Thank you, Kate, you and Lucy are precious to so many of us because you continually remind us to be grateful for salvation, healing, life, and most definitely, our children. Children really are a blessing from the Lord. I believe that you probably know that far more than I do, but you're helping me to appreciate mine even more than what I had. Thank you for just being you by being real on your blog. Have an amazingly blessed Thanksgiving!
    Charity, Atoka, TN

  5. So glad that Lucy was able to get her line removed. I love the picture of her and Ella, it's beautiful. Our family continues to pray for Lucy and your family daily. Every time we pray for anything, (morning, dinner, bed time, church, etc...) Lucy is the first person mentioned from my 2 year old. I will be praying for you especially, to have a peaceful heart during this holiday season. Love in Christ.

  6. Bless that baby girl. This post made me cry remembering the days my daughter had removals - central lines, breathing tubes, chest tubes. Those moments are horrific for parents (and children). You do need to get back to living and it does get easier and come more naturally as time goes by. But, it is always amazing to me how something can trigger those feelings to come back and overwhelm you in a snap. It's both sorrowful and cathartic at the same time! :) I hope someday you are the one peeking in on someone else's life, being reminded to thank God for His blessings and His grace, far past these days of healing.

    With continued prayers,

  7. I am so happy for you and your family that life is slowly getting better, especially with the holidays and new year ahead shorrly. A great time for renewed hope and new beginnings. God Bless all of you.

  8. So happy you were able to get her line pulled! Hope your family enjoys the holidays!
    God Bless!
    Tina, Trussville, AL

  9. I've never commented before but I've been reading your blog for a while now. I'm so happy for Lucy that she's starting to feel better. I've been truly touched by your journey (although I can't imagine what your family especially Lucy has been through) I've always said to my husband that someday when I have the money I'm going to donate to St. Jude's. Just an awesome hospital for children. I just wanted you to know what an amazing family you have (as if you didn't know that already). I'm going to keep praying for your family and your daughters health. They were right you all need to start to live again. Heather

  10. Yippeee! I am so happy for all of you. I had tears in my eyes reading this post.

  11. My eyes are filled with tears....tears of joy! Continuing to send prayers for this special little girl and the BIG God who continues to show mercy and grace to your lovely family! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  12. What incredible news! Prayers for removal were answered.
    You all look so good and happy! Keep your faith and know that Lucy and your family is being covered in prayer!!

  13. YIPPEE!!! So glad the line is now GONE! Praise the Lord! I'm still praying!


  14. Ww live here in Memphis, and have been following your blog and praying for your precious girl with lots of our friends. This post is such a blessing to us, we are continuing to pray for that sweet girl and your family!
    Suzanne and Clay Culpepper

  15. Fantastic news!! What a journey this has been. I agree with the advice you received, start living and live. Nobody knows what tomorrow will hold for them but we do know exactly what is in for right now. Enjoy your sweet family.

    Continuing to pray for great results in the next set of scans. Don't worry for worrying will do nothing but make you sick.


  16. So glad Lucy got the line out. She does look so good--happy, enthusiastic. I love the gingerbread house. What a great idea!

    It's hard (impossible?) not to worry, but having done it myself every single minute of every day for months now, I agree that it truly will make one insane, and it is exhausting, nauseating, and soul draining. It's a waste, as it changes absolutely nothing. After losing 25 pounds to worry, I've really decided to pray, hope, and don't worry. God meant for us to be anxious for nothing. Once we cast our concerns upon him, we must leave them there, as hard as it is to do so.

    Praying that your beautiful family has the happiest of holidays (with no medical emergencies)! Little Jack has grown so and just gets cuter and cuter. I can just imagine all the mischief that he must get into.

  17. Continuing to pray... Thankful that Lucy got that line out :)

  18. KATE,

    May you be washed by the Spirit today. What great news from the people who witnessed Lucy and gave you their wonderful comments (blessings) about her recovery. For some reason God has sent me to you with this, please listen to "Blessings" sung by Laura Story. It would be great if you add it to your play list.

    I may never meet you, but it is because of you and Lucy that I have decided to donate a little bit of money to St. Judes. In these times of needs (which there always will be) it is sometimes hard to decide where to give our money. It's not much, but it's all I personally have to give monetarily. May a family be blessed by it exponentially for God's Kingdom. I praise God for you! You are the gateway of this gift. Thank you.