Quick Update

Life continues to move along at a rather rapid pace here in our home.  We are amazed every single day at how much stronger Lucy is becoming.  Each and every day brings something new.  She still has a very long way to go, but she is fighting so hard.  Today she walked around the house unassisted for most of the day.  Holding on to walls, using furniture to balance...she is figuring it out.  Maneuvering the stairs is still a daunting task.  I will post more tomorrow (including pictures) after our trip to St. Jude.  I expect her numbers to be well improved, but you never know.  I am praying especially hard for a higher ANC.  She cried her eyes out this morning because she couldn't go to church.  With it being flu season, Dr. W thought it would be best to keep her safe until her counts increased.  Once we get the all clear (hopefully tomorrow) we are going to try to do school a couple of hours this week, along with church. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers.  I would like to ask that you all please remember our sweet friend Lanie tonight.  She is holding on to life, but each day is harder.  Her parents are savoring every moment they have with her and I am still praying for a miracle for them (and us). 
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  1. I'm thrilled to hear that Lucy is getting stronger each day! Praise the Lord! We are continuing to pray for her daily.
    -Heather Houston

  2. Sooooo very happy to hear that about Lucy!!!

    I do hate that cancer for you and will continue to pray for your family + your friend Lanie, too!

  3. Praying thanksgiving that Lucy is making such strides in getting around, and her counts. It is so hard on little one's that so want to leave the house. It is hard for them to understand it all.
    Praying for Lanie and her family.

  4. So happy to hear Lucy continues to improve! She is one remarkable little girl, and you a remarkable mom for your strength!

  5. Dear Kate:
    Against my better judgement, I sat and watched the special yesterday about St. Jude. My thoughts were constantly on Lucy and your family, knowing that some of the things that I was seeing with my eyes are some of the same things that your family has had to go through. It just made it so much clearer for me.
    You and your family, especially sweet Lucy, are daily in my prayers. I pray for a miracle for her, and for all counts, the weight gain, the appetite, and everything else that Lucy needs, and each and every time, I pray for you, Kate, that each day will bring encouragement for you! In Christ,

  6. You got it. I'm a mom of 4 and a doctor as well, and have been reading your blog since Lucy's diagnosis (I also have a Lucy, and actually an Ella too!). As both a mom and a physician, your family's story is particularly painful and poignant for me. Have been praying for you, and just prayed for sweet Lanie as well.

  7. Prayers continue for you and Lucy, and now, especially for Lanie. Breaks my heart.

  8. Sweet baby. I'm so sorry she was upset about not getting to go to church. May God make her well and strong, and church and school worthy very soon.

    Prayers for Lanie. May God's blessings and healing touch her now. Strength for her loved ones as they endure this painful journey.