Faith of a Child

Ella's card to Lucy.  It says "Dear Lucy, I no (know) you love God so I trust in you (Him) to get better."

I know she meant she trusts in God to heal Lucy.  Because she does.  They both love Him so much.  Their faith rekindles mine every day.

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  1. So sweet and precious!



  2. Oh, that makes me smile, and my heart so warm.

    Her faith comes from yours and Erik's. Not only should that rekindle your faith, but that should also cause you to feel proud of "what you're doing right". :) God is so proud.

    Keep pushing ahead... one foot in front of the other. God's footprints are right beside yours. Let Him hold your hand.

    Love from Martin, TN.
    Selena Bragg

  3. this is a clear testament to you as a mother, your husband as a father, and your incredible faith in our savior. What an amazing display of faith by your little girl. I know your walk has not been easy or clear but He has so much planned for you and has already done so much good through this trying time in your life. you are an inspiration and your children get their strength and faith through you. know that you are strong and you can get through this with Him holding your hand and carrying your children as his own when they need rest.

  4. Aw, how sweet! Ella loves Lucy so much. She is so strong! Those are the cards that you cherish your whole life. I've still got a birthday card that one of my sisters (3 years older than me) made me for my 3rd (I think) birthday.

    Love, Hope, & Prayers 4 Lucy,

  5. Awesome testimony!

    Becky in Brighton

  6. This is so beautiful. I love seeing God through the eyes of a child.