Where We Have Been

I promised we have not dropped off the face of the earth.  It's been really, really busy around here.  So much to be thankful for.  So very appreciative and grateful for a full and busy life.  Out of respect for my sweet friend Kristie, I have chosen not to post about our life right now.  I just don't feel comfortable with it.  So, with that being said, I am going to keep this post short and sweet.  I would ask that you please continue to pray for Justin and his parents.  Justin was sent home over 3 weeks ago and was given about a week to live.  His parents are suffering along with him.  They desperately need your prayers. 

And, if you are inclined, I invite you to keep checking this blog.  I will start updating more in the days to come.  I have lots of pictures to upload and lots of stories to tell. 

Here's what we've all been up to:
  • Lucy has gained 2 pounds!  Shouts were heard around the hospital.
  • She and I were at St. Jude the past 2 days for 3 months/annual testing.  Long, long days.
  • Ella is no longer in a size 7 slim.  Thanks to tumbling she is now one solid muscle and has graduated to 7 regulars!  This probably seems like a crazy thing to post, but it is a huge deal to us.
  • Jack is finally trying to talk.  LOVES to sing and can tell you where his nose is and is a master copycat on the tumbling mat.  My girls were practically reading by 16 months (yes, he is now 16 months), but I'm not too worried.  He seems to just be quite content to groan and grunt.
  • Lucy is getting settled into her new tutoring schedule and seems to love Mrs. Cissy.  Harsh realization that she is really behind her class, but we are committed to getting her caught back up before 1st grade. 
  • Ella made all A's on her report card.  Way to go baby girl!
  • Erik and I are prayerfully considering our next move on the charitable front.  We have lots in the works and I look forward to revealing more details soon.

  • And best of all.......the 2nd Annual Go Lucy Go 5k is being planned.  More details will follow, but we are really excited.  It is going to be bigger and better this year and we are pumped!

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  1. Hi Kate!!

    I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am to hear from you!!! I am so happy & relieved to hear Lucy is doing so well. I fully understand why you would not want to post too much out of respect for Kristie (however by what I've read from Kristie's site, I don't think she'd mind). I agree with you!!! What Kristie is having to go through right now is completely dreadful & it's soooo NOT fair!!! After you introduced her to us, I went to her site to offer my support, sympathy & prayers for course!!

    Thanks again for your update. I'm VERY glad you did!!!

    Take Care,
    Jenn xo

  2. Yeah Lucy on the weight gain!

    My oldest brother didn't talk until he was 3 years old, all he said was yah and nah for snacks and drink.

    My niece got all A's recently in the 1st grade, she goes to a Charter school right now.

    Prayers for Justin and his family.



  3. Thank you for the update...I read the first paragraph, closed my eyes and prayed for Justin and his family! We will keep praying!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story! I am a new to the blog world and I am so grateful to connect with strong women like you. God has also thrown some challenges my way in the form of infertility but it has brought me closer to Him. My hope this that blogging about my journey will help heal my heart. Prays for your little girl!

  5. good to have you 'back' - i'm a fairly new reader, but an avid one haha! just a thought - i am doing a sponsored swimathon for a charity in april which may (or may not!) interest you, i do it every year (even while pregnant haha!). i thought perhaps you'd like to check out the cause and if you feel so inclined, maybe mention it here. i think you have a slightly bigger following than my measly five :p. completely just an idea, i'm not using you for advertising or anything i promise! xx


  6. Glad to hear things are looking up for you guys.
    More prayers for you and Justin's family.

  7. So sad to hear about Justin - I am praying for him and his family. And so happy to hear about two pounds!!! What a gift. Prayers continue for you and for all children struggling with life-threatening illnesses. As my pastor said when I told him about Lucy's good scans, "if it's you, it's not so bad. When it's your child, it's just not right." Please take care and thanks for the update.

  8. total stranger here!! i have been praying and praying for you all!!! i have a suggestion there is this book called jesus calling i dont know if you have heard of it or have it but its a daily devotional!! there is a jesus calling for kids too!!! i just thought you might like to look in to that!!

  9. Woo Hoo! 2 whole pounds on a 5 year old is a big deal!:) God is so good. We have been praying at home and still praying as a church body for you all on Wednesday nights. Can't wait to give Pleasant Plains this update. They will be so excited. Committed to keep praying you through this until Lucy is completely restored or until Jesus comes back to restore us all! Love to all the Krulls from Jackson,TN.
    Jill Baine

  10. I love hearing from and about all of you on your blog. But, above all else, I respect your privacy and will definitely continue to check in daily - just in case! And it goes without saying that my prayers are unceasing. Thanks for letting us all share your journey.

  11. Congratulations Lucy!! 2 lbs is huge!!!!! Praying for you!

  12. Oh Kate,
    I am praising God for the two pounds. That is HUGE!!
    My feet don't hit the ground without lifting up Kristie, Justin and the rest of their family. I cannot even fathom the pain.
    Know we are praying without ceasing for them and your sweet, sweet family.

  13. Praying for your friends...can't imagine what they are going through! So thankful for good times in your family. I totally get the 7slim to 7 celebration!! We were the same way!! My gymnast is now 13 and although she wears a 00 in her waist, needs a 1 for her thighs...and shoulders are a whole different story! lol!

  14. So glad to hear about the 2 lb. weight gain! Go Lucy! Jack will talk when he is ready. Right now he probably doesn't have to talk with 2 older sisters and doting grandparents! Our son didn't talk for quite a while also. Praying for your entire family as I know everyone is affected!
    In Christian Love,
    Grandma to many

  15. Woot on the weight gain for both girls! :)

    Don't worry too much about Lucy being behind her class, she will catch up quickly, kids are amazing at that.

    Praying for Justin and his family, that they feel the presence of the Lord and his pain and suffering are minimum.

    Covering you all in prayers often, keep looking up.


  16. Thank you for continuing to post - we love to see the answers to prayers, especially when gaining TWO pounds is such a GREAT thing. :-) GO LUCY GIRL!!

  17. So happy for Lucy's two pounds. Congrats to Ella for her grades and prayers for Justin and family.

  18. Don't even worry about Jack! My 3d chose not to talk simply because with 2 older siblings it wasn't necessary! Thank you for blessing my life! Thoughts and prayers with you guys daily! :)