How to Dress a Boy

Before I begin this post, I just had to laugh about a comment made on the last video I posted.  Someone said that they never imagined me with a Southern accent.  Ha!!  I sure try hard to tame it, but its rather unruly!

Ok, speaking of Southern, don't you just love a John-John.  Especially with smocking!?

picture courtesy of Kelly's Kids
Well, I do.  My girls have worn it since the day they were born.  Ella has finally reached the age where she is starting to complain about wearing the long, gorgeous bishop dresses but she will oblige me most Sunday mornings.  Before Jack was born I warned Erik that Jack was going to be wearing smocked clothes.  At least until he was 3 or 4.  He still argues with me about it, but I'm the one who buys the clothes and dresses him most days.

When Lucy got sick, dressing my baby boy was one of the things that I had to let go of (I know not to end a sentence in a preposition, but I'm tired and can't think right now).  Anyway, I digress.....So, baby boy had a closet full of smocked things that I had bought before he was born in preparation for a infant/toddler-hood full of precious smocked clothing wearing.  Now that I'm home I do try to dress him as cute as a button, but I have to admit that reaching in the closet for a smocked outfit is the last things that usually crosses my mind. Church is a given.  Smocked John-John or long all, knee socks and white shoes.  But for normal days, I find myself grabbing a t-shirt and cargo shorts with his Keens or tennis shoes.

Hoodie, cords and beautiful blue eyes.  

Star Wars tee from Old Navy, sweat shorts from Gymboree and Tennies

My favorite camo shorts from Baby Gap and red Canada shirt from my internet pal, Jenn.
But in all honesty, this is what he would rather wear...

He wears his smocking so little, that I don't even have a great picture to show you.  But I did find one on my phone of him with his Memphis Tigers longall.  Even though we stunk it up last night in Tournament play, we still love our Tigers.

In the end, it doesn't matter what this sweet boy wears.  This smile is all he needs!

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  1. Lol- its funny because the first time I heard your voice (it was of a video of Lucy getting her cells) I had to call my mom over (I am 15 - so still at home) because I couldn't believe that was your voice! I was like "Mom! Does this voice match her face?!" lol!!

  2. I had to laugh when I saw your post. Like you said, they're cute just wearing a smile. I love Kelley's Kids' stuff too, although I'll admit, the girls stuff is so much cuter than the boys. My oldest wore their shorts, pants and patch tee's when he was younger, but given a choice he'd chose cargo or athletic shiorts and a plain graphic tee. I earmarked a bunch of stuff in their catalog this winter thinking I'd get some cute pictures of the boys in them this spring, but sadly haven't ordered them yet.

  3. Is this clothing style more of a southern tradition? I don't see that much in the Pacific Northwest.

    I also was not sure if that was your voice. I knew what you looked like from a year+ of photos but was surprised by your accent and it surprised me that I was surprised because you do live in the south. Do the kids also have your southern accent? I rather like it.

  4. so cute Kate!!!
    by the way, I thought you would like this-
    A few minutes ago I was reading this, and my 8 year old heard the music and asked me how Lucy was doing without looking at the screen-you guys are much loved!

  5. I had to look up what a john john was! Delighted to see that it's what we'd call short dungarees :) My boy was always dressed in dungarees - usually long because our weather isn't so warm - but defiantly short ones in the summer!

  6. Reading your site for the first time today. I found it through Karing For Keegan. Looking forward to reading more next time.

  7. Oh, how I share your love of smocking! You better believe all three girls were in smocked dresses this morning at church--and I have warned John that if we ever have a boy, he's mine to dress for at least the first two years! Looking forward to seeing you guys when we're there for Kellan's scans in a few weeks!

    Love ya,

  8. He could wear that TIGERS outfit to an Auburn game! War Eagle! And lots of prayers.

  9. He is adorable no matter what he wears! I do love smocking and John-Johns though!

  10. I think the love of smocking is a southern tradition; and as a native northern Missourian, I have to say it has caused me to mistake a little boy at Bible school for a girl...(we're in South Carolina now)...and I'm glad you mentioned what those outfits are called, I'd never heard of a John-John! I think I would have called it a romper, but I didn't know they made them in larger than baby sizes. Fun to learn about regional differences :)

  11. i identify with this post b.c I love me some sweet baby boy clothes. i was soooooo into the twins' clothing. now hank has all their hand me down x2, and i grab the khaki shorts & superman Ts most days. it's also the ironing and stain removal {or lack thereof with more casual choices} that motivates my choices, too. and you are so right...with those eyes and that smile...who needs clothes. ;-)

  12. Thanks Jenn. Our poor babies. One day the will give us a hard time about being "neglected" I'm sure. ha!

  13. I actually thought about asking where you buy his adorable Sunday clothes. I love that look! I'd love to have my twin boys wear smocked clothing. I can't believe how similar Jack and Lucy look as babies. Prayers and smiles from UT.

  14. Huni your little boy makes everything look good x