Trike a Thon

Wow!  What more can I say?  The Trike a Thon was a blast and I am so proud of our little school... and all of you who donated.  Last year our little school raised $13,355.  Of 8,400 school nationwide (world wide???) we were tops!  This year our total is already over $19,000 with several students still needing to turn in money.  It's really amazing.  I'm hoping for $20,000 because Mr. Steve, our Principal, will be wearing a chicken suit and dying his hair blue!

Thanks again to everyone who gave.  Your contributions will never be in vain.  Lucy is living proof of that.

Here are some pictures of the event:

K-3 lining up

Gracen, Jessie and Lori

Daddy giving his baby girl a little "push"

Ella chose to ride her scooter for the majority of the event

Our sweet Gracen
2nd grade cheering on the preschool students

And they're OFF!!

The babysitting crew

Ms. Jamison and Lucy
1st grade lining up

Sweet Lucy (I've figured out that all those hair bows look adorable on her hats.  I'm so happy)

Mr. Steve.  What a wonderful principal

Pops and his girl

Our friend Sam

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  1. What an awesome day and great fund raiser!! So much money raised for a wonderful hospital!

    Way to go!!!

  2. What an awesome day! I loved the video link too. Way to go, GO LUCY GO!

  3. How fun! I think you mean chicken suit and not chicken soup?!


  4. Great Job Lucy and all.

  5. Kate,
    I know that you have 101 things to do each day but I wanted to make you aware that those of us following by email aren't getting it. I was worried and found you. I am excited for your life right now.

  6. No words - just a happy heart. Thank you for sharing this huge piece of GOOD in the world!