Weekend Yard Work

This weekend we did some much needed yard work and got all the kids in on it.  We really did have a nice time and now our trouble area of yard that won't grow grass is field with beautiful Azaleas.

While we were working, Ella spotted something moving in the field behind our house.  Bless her heart, she is convinced that the kittens we "lost" a few years ago still roam the area.  We just go with it and she gets so excited when she sees "bright eyes."  Here she is taking off across the field looking for her cat:

Lucy and Gracen were standing fast watching Ella:

Jack napped during most of our work, but he woke up just as we were finishing up.  He joined in the planting for a minute.  Below you will see he was not so sure about being awake. 

When he found his 4-wheeler, he perked up real quickly.  This child, like most, would spend every waking minute outside if possible.  

This is Jack when he has to go inside:

Every day is such a blessing. Being outside, digging in the dirt and watching my children enjoy the simple pleasures of life reminds me of what I have to be thankful.  

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  1. We've been having wonderful weather here as well! I see you figured out Disqus.



  2. Jack is so incredibly handsome! I can't believe y'all are wearing shorts already. Makes me long for warm weather.

    1. We are going to pay for this warm weather this summer. The bugs (Mosquitos) are going to be dreadful!

  3. Lucy's hair looks terrific. Praying for you all.

  4. Jennifer_st CharlesMarch 22, 2012 at 10:59 AM

    My son Caden has the same response to going inside as your Jack! He LOVES being "side" as he calls it!

  5. Jack sure has grown! love those blonde curls!

  6. I'm so thankful for Daylight Savings Time...my husband and I can now enjoy our babies playing outside when we get home from work. There is just something wonderful about enjoying God's creation. It just makes my heart happy!! So glad yall are enjoying Spring TOGETHER this year :)

  7. Ha! It took me almost 6 months but I finally got it up and running

  8. It is a much easier way to comment IMO! It is pretty easy once you get it figured out.