Jack is 5 Months

Every day he changes. Every day he does something new. He is discovering new things, exploring new places and hearing new sounds. We spent a lot of time outside last week and I think Jack really enjoyed it. He seemed so content to be in his exersaucer or in the stroller--just taking in nature. When I say he is the best baby I mean it. Really, he is. His smile, which is constant, will light up a room and his giggle is contagious. He's very close to sitting up and can stand forever with assistance. So strong!

And BIG!!! He has outgrown everything he owns. I am buying 6-12 months clothes. It is such a difference from the girls. They were always (and still are) so petite. Jack is right at 16 pounds now at 5 months. The girls both weighed 18 pounds at 12 months! I thank God for Jack every day, at least a million times a day. What a precious little miracle baby!

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