Meeting Postponed

Meeting with St. Jude team postponed until tomorrow.  I'm really disappointed, but it's all in God's hands--in his time.  Please specifically pray that Lucy will get relief from the pain in her neck, head and back.  Dr. Boop says that we have to start pushing her.  She has to get out of bed and start walking.  That's the difference between parents and doctors.  They are ok with her being in a little pain and pushing her hard.  Mommy and Daddy want to protect her and just make it all better. 

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  1. Kate, I know it's hard, but it is really what's best for Lucy. It remember pushing Ivee, and she would just cry and cry. Since she was a baby she couldn't tell me, "I hate you." or "That hurts, I can't." It will be hard to hear Lucy get mad at others and sometimes at you. It was hard knowing that Ivee would not talk to me after this surgery. I cried a few nights this past week, wondering why we were having to go through this again!!! So, in this all we try to find the positive, as you said...the blessings. Who knows, as my husband said on the way home, "Maybe one of the reasons this happened to us again is so we could meet Paul, Nancy, Kate and Erik. God knew that they would need a connection." I hope you know you can ask me any questions you have!!! Praying for Lucy and Ivee's quick recovery.

  2. Kate - Dr. Boop is amazing; as I am sure others have already told you. He did a surgery on my niece a few years ago and I know he has a strong reputation for being one of the best doctors in the country. So glad he is on your team.

    Sending continued prayers up for all of you!

  3. I know you're disappointed! This will give Lucy an extra day to heal and for all of us to pray!

    Remember in exercise, when we'd get sore and it'd hurt so much to move. But inactivity made it worse! After making ourselves painfully move around, it was amazing how much better we felt! It will be the same for Lucy! The more she moves, the stronger she'll get and the quicker she can lick this thing!

    Putting up my Lucy bow today!
    You are all in our constant prayers!
    We love you!

  4. Praying for all of you. It hurts Mom and Dad more than Lucy. Kids are so resilient. She will amaze you when she starts moving. Praying for the extra day to meet with St Jude to open up more avenues for healing.
    Joan Hanks

  5. Kate:
    We are Jeremy Cain's grandparents. John Paul and Jeremy have been the best of friends for years and Jeremy thinks the world of all of you and always enjoys the time he gets to spend with the family. He was heartbroken when we called him about Lucy, just as our hearts cry out for Lucy and all of you. She is a precious and brave "little angel". We pray for a miraculous healing and that she will get relief from the pain in her head, neck and back. We will continue to pray for healing days, hopeful days and brighter days, because all of you mean so much to so many.

    Love in Christ, James and Sandra Fields

  6. Praying for you and your family.

  7. Kate, Erik and kids,

    We heard what is going on and have been praying daily for you all. Our hearts ache for you, but know that our Lord is the amazing physician and will hold you up through this battle.

    May you feel Christ's comfort each moment,
    Nathan and Amy Pellegra and