Post Surgery

written at 12:35 am on Saturday, Feb 26th:

Lucy is in recovery in the ICU this evening and I am sitting by her bed, keeping vigil. She is in a lot of pain and is extremely nauseated. She has a 4-5" suture running from the base of her neck to the middle of her head. She also has at least a 6" suture down her spine. The areas really look like frankenstein. I can't even begin to image how badly she hurts. She has a titanium plate in her head now and will have some pretty nasty scars to show off one day. I only wish there was some way to convey how strong my baby is being. It's really amazing. I think I would be a whiny mess! I just keep staring at her and thanking God for every breath she takes.
I think this next picture of the monitors sums up how I feel right now. One big, blurry, ugly mess. But you know, its not about me. I forget that sometimes and want to have a pity party, but this all about my Lu-bear. It will be for a long, long time.

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  1. I just ran across your blog, and I wanted to stop by and say that I am praying for your family and sweet little girl. I am glad she's out of surgery, it's definitely a rough time. My nephew was diagnosed with medulloblastoma (a brain tumor) in November, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Similar stories, there is a lot of support you can find out there, and a lot of blogs on cancer. Please, continue to keep us updated!

  2. Kate, she looks like you here, when you were little. Love you, "Sarie"

  3. Can't begin to tell you how grateful we are that the surgery was so successful! We continue to pray for Lucy & all of the family, and know that God's strength & love will surround her each passing minute :)

  4. Kate, our prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for sharing your updates with us on your blog. All three of your children are so precious and such gifts from God!!

  5. Everywhere I go the first item of conversation on everyone's lips is precious Lucy! It's amazing how many people are praying for her and all of you! Millie Pullen called me this morning and reminded me that her niece, Molly Davidson, was diagnosed with the same type of cancer as Lucy. Her story sounded so much like Lucy's! Molly is now 30, married and has a child of her own! Millie said that you would remember Molly!
    Please know that you are all loved! We pray for healing, strength, miracles and peace for you all!

  6. Kate,

    Hello! My name is Whitney Cox, and I went to high school with Erik in Maryville. I came across his post on Facebook this morning about your daughter, so I checked out your blog. You all have been and will continue to be in my prayers and my family's prayers. Your all's situation has made me squeeze my 3 kiddos a little tighter today!! Please know that my husband and I will continue to pray for Lucy's recovery and your and Erik's strength!!! I will also be sure to put you all on our prayer list at church tomorrow. Tons of Erik's buddies from high school go to church with us, and I know they will be interested in hearing aobut his daughter.
    Whitney Cox

  7. Praying for sweet, Lucy ;)
    Melissa from S.C.

  8. My heart breaks for you all. I was at Le Bonheur Hospital on 2/23/2010 on the same floor with the same nurses for the same thing...a brain tumor in my 6 year old son, Keegan. I received those books they give you on all the bad things that can happen to our precious children. My heart broke just the same. Please know that we are praying for your precious daughter and especially praying that the chemo and radiation do their job and heal her along with the hands of our Lord.

    I am Melanie Olson Hake's sister, Leslie Morgan from Chattanooga, TN. My son, Keegan is currently a St. Jude patient and has been since 2009. He is battling multiple brain tumors and is living with what he has to the fullest. I cannot begin to tell you everything that I feel I should about your horrifying situation, but please know that we will pray. Nothing can put into words what we feel when our children are threatened or undergo such radical life altering horrors...but we still pray. May God give you peace as you begin your journey with your daughter. As you know, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is the BEST! They made everything as easy as it could possibly be. With prayer, Leslie Morgan