Super Bowl XLV

Like almost every other American, we spent this past Sunday night watching the Super Bowl. But there was something special about this game. Our beloved Packers were playing. Growing up, Packer football was a way of lifefor Erik. You see, his parents are from Wisconsin and no God-fearing Wisconsonian (yeah, I made that word up) would ever root for another team. The Packers are a blue-collar kind of team. They are owned by the fans--and yes we do own stock--and the city of Green Bay exists becase of the team. A few years back, Erik and I took a trip to Wisconsin to visit his family and we drove into Green Bay to see the stadium. It was a really special thing to behold. I would love to think that maybe, just maybe, Erik will one day get to see a game inside the stadium.

And as Jack gets older, I look forward to listening to Erik tell him about football, Packers and what it's like to be a real fan. This picture is for Grandpa!

We watched the game at our neighbor's house and had a great time. There were kids EVERYWHERE!!

Skipper and Ginger helping out with baby Jack. And we wonder where Carter gets his sillies from. Ella did not watch the game, but she knew we were cheering for the green team.

Just a great picture......

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