Under the Weather

We have been under the weather lately. Literally and figuratively. It snowed twice last week, resulting in the girls missing a few days of school. But to put a major damper on things, a crazy sinus infection has run through our house like a devil. Erik is going on 2 weeks of being sick. I went to the doctor on Tuesday, Lucy on Wednesday and Jack on Friday. We are all on antibiotics and have gone through lots of Tylenol and cough medicine. Ella hasn't been sick, but bless her heart she keeps a sinus infection about 7 months out of the year. I think she's just grown accustomed to it all.

To add insult in injury, Jack has reverted to some major sleep problems since he has been sick. UGH! Just when things were looking up in the sleep department for Momma, I've been up every 2 hours or so for the past 4 nights. OVER IT!!!!

To make matters even worse...as we were leaving our 2nd birthday party of the day yesterday evening, Lucy began to get sick. All in the parking lot, all over her and all over me. I just knew she had the dreaded stomach virus going around, but I've almost convinced myself that it was just a combination of too many sweets, too much jumping around and a whole lot of being tired! At least that's what I'm hoping.

Pictures from our latest snow day:

After 6 years, Ella is finally discovering how cool the woods behind our house can be.

My attempt at a self-portrait before Jack and I head outside to join in the snow fun.

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