We were at the hospital around 7 this morning.  Darn fever!  It was in this moment that I realized how important it was for us to be at the Target House.  I had been watching her temp closely all night.  I think I checked it every hour to an hour and a half.  She stayed in the upper 99's all night and was generally just restless and uncomfortable.  She can't have Tylenol, so I just held her and tried to keep her comfortable.  Let's just say momma didn't sleep much either.

By 6:45 her temp had hit 100.4, the magic number.  I got up, threw my computer and iPad in my bag, grabbed my phone, managed to brush my teeth and ran out the door.  I didn't wash my face or brush my hair.  Thank goodness this short hair is growing out and I can put it in a ponytail.  So, we have been sitting in B Clinic since we got here.  She has had a dose of Vancomycin, a catch-all that hits the body pretty hard and one other antibiotic that I did not catch the name of.  We are waiting on a room. 

Her fever broke on its own and is now 98.2.  Geez!  Even still, we are here for the long-haul.  Probably a week.  Even if she doesn't run a fever again, we are still here until her counts rise above 500.  I prayed last night that God would let his fever pass, but that if the hospital was the safest place for Lucy we would accept that.  I guess He felt she needed to be here and we are just going to be thankful we have a safe place to rest.  This is all part of the process.  We just have to roll with the punches--good and bad.

We are about to move to our room now.  I will update later today. 

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  1. Praying for you and lucy! You are such an amazing mother! You are my role model :0) Go Lucy Go!

  2. Prayer as always... I know I post that a lot, but I never want you to think you are alone. Not only do you have a world full of "strangers" praying for you, but God is with you always.

    One of my favorite sayings is.... I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it.

    If being in the hospital keeps Lucy healthy then it will definitely be worth it!

  3. Probably something strange for a "stranger" to say....but I think of all of you often and I'm always praying for you all. I pray that next summer this will be a blur in your past and that Lucy will remain cancer free for the rest of her long life!

  4. It was weird, I was driving around town this morning and heard the song you play on your blogsite (Praise you in the Storm? Is that the name? ) I started praying immediately for Lucy, felt God nudging me big time on that one. Hang in there...maybe while she sleeps, you can sleep today too. Will continue to pray...

    Lynden, WA

  5. I thank the Lord daily that you are Lucy's Mother.

  6. :-( Poor thing...praying for y'all!