Did I mention that Jack was learning to walk?  I'm told that he makes countless trips around the playroom with this toy that is affectionately known around our house as "push-push."  It's what both of the girls used to learn to walk.  And don't worry.  The pink does not bother him because he is SO secure in his manhood!

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  1. Hello Krull family-- I am a friend of Callie Beaver's mom and just wanted you to know that we are praying for all of you-- especially Lucy! Wanted to point out something fun that you can tell Lucy-- she is in room 9 and Jack is 9 months! I'm sure you already were aware but with all the things you have going on...its kinda fun to point out something simple and sweet!

    Kimberly Ring

  2. Jack is just as cute as can be, and such an adventurous little guy! I know he keeps everyone on their toes, but he is so worth it. I see him running, more then walking, when he lets go of "push-push"! To cute!
    Hope Lucy is feeling better today. She looked so beautiful, and peaceful in your arms. Praying she will be able to bounce back quickly, and that the fever will stay away, and her throat will begin to heal. God bless her, she is one tough little lady!

    Sending Hugs!
    A Mom-Mom in NJ

  3. What a good looking fellow! I love seeing him and the rest of your family in church. Drew prays for Lucy every night as part of his prayers.

    Love you all.

  4. He is SO CUTE!!! :-) I just love his sweet little face!!! Such a fun milestone!!!

  5. What a cutie! Both of mine learned to walk with that car. My boy plays with pink toys too (and even wears pink cloth diapers...hehe!).

  6. A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E! Just plain adorable! I absolutely love the middle picture! Such a happy big boy! Over the time that I have read your blog Jack has grown so much! Thanks for sharing the pictures!