Lucy is finally resting well.  She has struggled with pain a good bit today and is really hungry.  She has not been allowed to eat or drink anything today.  They will start a saline test in the morning and if she passes, she will be able to start eating before lunch.  Please pray for comfort for her tonight.  She was on a good amount of pain meds today and I don't want to have to keep pushing those unless its absolutely necessary.  Today has been a challenge.  I pray we made the right decisision.
Finishing up posts I forgot about from 2011.  I still have Christmas to post tomorrow.  So glad I didn't print my 2011 book.  I don't know how I forgot all these.  Especially Christmas!








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  1. Kate,

    I am a pediatric oncology nurse. I cannot count the number of times kiddos have needed g tubes to help them over the hump. Once she starts gaining weight she will feel better. Once she feels better she will have more energy. Once she has more energy she will increase her activity. Once she increases her activity she will start to play and run and jump. Once she starts to play and run and jump she will want to be outside. Once she is outside the fresh air will put color n her cheeks. Once all those things happen, all because of her g tube, she will be hungry and start to eat on her own. It will happen. Say it out loud, "it will happen". You did make the right decision. Lucy is strong and bright and courageous. She is so weak and really starving right now. You are her mama, it is just not possible to make a bad decision where your children are considered. No looking back...only looking forward to spring, then summer and all the fun things you will do with your beautiful Lucy including eat!

  2. Lucy is (as always) in my prayers.

  3. I read every post. Jack is so cute. My favorite is always seeing Erik with the kids. He looks like he is the best Dad in the world and loves those children so much. Thanks for the pics and posts.

  4. I too believe this is the right decision. :) Always praying for Lucy!


  5. Kate, I am not sure if I have ever posted before, but I have been praying for your family and especially Lucy. Crazy story but I am a speech therapist and my family just moved south of Houston. At our monthly meetings with our district a fellow speech therapist kept asking everyone to pray for her little boys friend. One meeting I asked her the name of the little girl she had been asking us to pray for and it was LUCY!!! She then told me when she lived in TN you guys knew each other. Her name is Jennifer Potter. It is such a small world. Back to my original reason for commenting, before I went back to the schools I worked with adults fighting cancer. I wanted to reassure you that You have made the right decision! In order for her to gain her strength and heal properly her body needs adequate nutrition. It's a temporary thing that will make a huge difference. Lucy is so lucky to have a mom and family fighting tooth and nail for her. Lots of love and prayers come from Texas! Go Lucy Go!