A Day in the Life - Day 3 and 4

A Day in the Life- Wednesday/Thursday Edition.

I have three children, two of which are girls.  In almost 10 years no one has put up a fight about what they are going to wear.  This is when Jack enters the picture.  Seriously, he's the one who is going to care?  By 6:45am we had begun our first battle of wills--guess who won.  

After that it was on to school, then back to Home Depot for Jack and me.  We had some things to take care of at the customer service desk, so Jack used my debit card to entertain himself.  I think I should be VERY scared.  Don't worry, the machine was turned off. 

After that it was home to get some chores done and lunch eaten.  Jack discovered Little Einsteins this week and is totally mesmerized.  It's his new lunch time treat.  He doesn't usually watch TV during the day--that would require him to sit still.  However, he seems to be willing to make an exception for Rocket and friends.

Wednesday afternoons I pick up our friends and Lucy from school.  Ella has tumbling and then afterwards its off to church for Wednesday night activities.  Our Wednesday night is one of the best things our church does.  We have a wonderful dinner, then the kids head off to GA's/RA's/Mission Friends and afterwards choir.  There are several adult Bible studies to choose from and we have a wonderful youth group.  My favorite part of the night is dinner.  I have been eating Wednesday night meals at church since I was a baby.  As I child I couldn't wait for them because that's when I got to see my friends who attended other schools.  Now I look forward to them because it means adult conversation!!  Yes, being a SAHM gets awfully lonely.  

Jack was invited to sit at the "dude" table

I have to post this picture because it was all but comical watching these guys change light bulbs in the gym. Erik was up on the lift and he had 3 other guys "helping."  See Derrick "helping" with the basketball? 

Wednesday nights are our most difficult nights at home.  We get home from church late and usually have some homework to finish.  Then its all to bath and the bed.  When Thursday rolls around I really do feel as if I'm on the downward stretch.  Wednesday is definitely Hump Day to me.  I know it's psychological, but when I wake up Thursday morning I'm always a little less stressed.  

We started our morning with Jack and I working on a project at school.  See how much help he is?

Jack then went to get a much needed trim and thankfully took a very long nap.  I try to get as much laundry done on Thursday as possible.  It has usually piled up from earlier in the week and I try to get it done before the weekend.

Thursday afternoons are very predictable.  We have a set routine that we follow every, single week.  I pick up the girls and our friends from school and we make a bee line to Sonic.  It's the only time we go all week and we make the most of happy hour!  We usually sit in the car and drink/eat our snack and the kids decompress by watching a movie. Right now their choice seems to be Scooby Doo.  I usually run 1-2 errands while they finish up their snack and its off to art.  It is by far Lucy and Ella's favorite day the the week.

Thursday nights are study nights at our house.  I usually cook a big dinner and the girls study for all of their assessments on Friday.  While they are studying, I get all of their things together for school the next day and make sure Lucy has something for show and tell.  I get to put the lunch boxes away on Thursday night because the girls get a yummy meal at school on Friday.  I just love that!  Afterwards, its off to bed for the kiddos.  Thursday nights are mine and Erik's time to catch up on DVR'd shows (ie American Idol).

This picture serves as a reminder that Miracles do happen!

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  1. The life of a mom is fulfilling and fun, challenging and exciting. Thanks for sharing and yes, Lucy is a miracle!! So then are Ella and Jack. :)

  2. Cute series! I've enjoyed seeing your life in a nutshell. I was wondering, where do you get your blank T's for applique? Is there a particular brand you like? Thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing your daily life with us. I love reading these. Every family is busy and blessed with their own things and treats, hey? Love it.

  4. I love the above picture of Lucy. Who would have ever dreamed she would come so far? What a blessing!