What Have I Done?

After church today we went to eat at my parent's house and I snapped this perfect picture of Jack. I will be getting this one framed for sure.

I know I still have to post a Day in the Life for Friday and Saturday, but I had several deadlines I had to meet today.  As of today, the budget has been submitted for our 501(c)3 approval, a marketing plan has been written for the next few months of our school's expansion and I have organized and purged a ton of pictures from my hard drive.

Speaking of purging...Oh my goodness.  What have I done?  I just stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and now I'm freaking out just a tiny bit. I just couldn't look at the screen any longer.  Yes, there were tons of emails I never got around to returning but they had to disappear.  Do you have any idea what staring at 2000 emails a day does to a person with a strong type A personality?  Well, they are gone now.  If you ever asked me an important question and I haven't responded, please resend it to me.  I'll do my best to respond.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Have a great week!


  1. You scared me! My first thought was that you cut off Jack's curls. My heart literally was racing as I waited for the blog to download. So relieved! :) GOrgeous photo of your sweet boy. And good for you. Start fresh. 2000 emails is a burden. If it is ubber important the person can reforward it to you as the will have it still in their sent folders. Goodonya, Kate! (And thank you for not cutting his curls! They are precious!!!)

  2. Gorgeous picture.

  3. This picture needs to be on a Canvas, so precious.

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't stand to see unread emails in my inbox. I think I might would've had a small heart attack if I had as many as you though! Whew, I know hitting that delete button felt great though!!