Life doesn't get any better than this. I will never grow too old and my children will always be my babies. May my lap never be empty.


  1. I totally agree 100%!! I have to say what a perfect post of a Beautiful little face awake and asleep. Precious!!!

  2. Carrie in S.FloridaJanuary 4, 2013 at 11:47 PM

    You are so blessed with your 3 angels!

  3. What a sweet little girl. She looks so at peace with her mother.

  4. Kate,

    This is so lovely. There is nothing more perfect than a sleeping child. I had a similar moment this holiday season and after a bit of a segue I will get there.

    I am auntie to 8 "greight" kids. I am unable to have children and this was devastating to me, so my 8 are, well, MY 8 :-). They are also "grown up now" 16-25 y.o's. I was sure I would miss the "little" Christmas', but I love the big kid Christmas! I thought of your little family and mine a thousand times during the holidays. Especially on Christmas Eve.

    My siblings and I celebrate as a family on Christmas Eve. It has been that way since they all married. I looked around that night during Mass, after as we ate and during that joyful chaos of presents, squeezed my eyes tight and begged God for THIS for your family for years and years and years to come. Because I know you are close to your siblings and in-laws. Because I know your kids have cousins and aunts and uncles who loved them. Because your kids have grandparents who adore them. Because my eight are so close and no matter how grown up they are, how far apart they are when at college or studying abroad (2 just returned form 6 months FAR away, one Australia and the other Spain) some of the first people they go to see are their cousins. Because family is everything and my eight know that.

    Sadly, I also know the other reality all too well. My brother died when he was 6 and I was 3. He had leukemia. I know the ache of a family broken into a thousand pieces Just this year my mom and I looked at my childhood pictures with Santa, the last one where David was alive and the first one without him. The change in my oldest sister is devastating to see. We have now had 43 Christmas' without him and we all know joy and happiness, we truly do. And I only share this so that you know I have a genuine understanding of your fears.

    So on to my moment. New Year's day rolls around. We had a nice day of games and munchies and general hanging out. My college kids had all been at parties and out the night prior My 20 year old niece came and chit chatted with me for a while She is one of my God Daughters and so precious to me. After a bit she leaned in and out her head on my shoulder. About 10 minutes later I felt that familiar, heavy breathing of a sleeping baby. My 20 year old girl had nodded off on my shoulder. And you are right. It was perfection!!!

    I am always praying this for your family Kate. Always!

    Wishing you a New Year filled with perfection!