Oh, what a Saturday! We started out with a bang when Jack grabbed a razor and sliced his finger. It bled for a while, but no stitches were required (thank goodness.).

But no worries.  He can still play the drums just fine.

After that it was off to Ella's basketball game. I still haven't taken any pictures of her playing but I'm going to try to do that next weekend.

Once the game was over it was off to Memphis for a birthday a Build-a-Bear. Lucy's sweet friend Presley was turning 7 and we had a blast making a cool new bear.

Tonight we are laying low. Amanda and Sarah came over while all the older boys are at the Monster Truck show. We are cheering on the Tigers while trying to avoid all mention of the Green Bay Packers. (It's being DVR'd).

We've had plenty of entertainment, too.  Take a look..

I hope you are having a Saturday like us. Pure bliss!  Look...it's a Jack in the Box.  Oh, I'm a whitty one!


  1. Okay, I won't say anything about the Packers game.....just finished watching it here in Appleton, Wisconsin. I'm in my Packer gear. All the stores around here were selling tons of Packers treats today. It always makes me smile to see Jack or the girls in their Packers clothes. I love that you all are fans! Packers fans are the best anywhere.

  2. Oh my word!! Jack is adorable!! I'm glad you had a good day, you sure need a few more of those. :)

    Praying for you all often.

  3. Oh No Poor Little Jack, sorry to hear about his finger, but he sure looks like a Pro behind those drums. I would love to see a video of him on them. I also am super excited for Lucy to be able to attend a friends party, so is so sweet. Kate, these post just melt my heart to see that finally you are able to have some normal weekends again. Keep Going Lucy and the WHOLE Krull family!!!

  4. Such a fun post! I love the video of Jack singing too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Cute pictures! I'm glad his finger is okay!