Basketball Saturdays

A Saturday in pictures.  While Ella plays ball....

We cheer from the sidelines...

Have I mentioned that Lucy absolutely adores her baby brother.  Cancer changed her for sure, but one thing you can't deny is that her heart grew 15 sizes while she was sick.  I've never seen more unconditional love.  

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  1. Hi Kate,
    You'e kids are so cute!!! I also love it when I see my kids loving on each other!!! My daughter and youngest son could NOT be closer and have been that way since the day our youngest son has been born!!
    Kate....I was wondering if you could maybe do me a favour this time? Last Wednesday night my mother in law went to Heaven. We are soo devastated especially our 9 yr old son. I know how close you are to God so I was wondering if you could please pray for my family.
    As you know, it is so heart breaking to watch your children struggle with their sorrrow. Any support (Prayers) you can give would be such an incredible gift to our family.

    1. I just lost my mother in law last month. Such a difficult thing for every member of our family. I will definitely pray!



  2. Kate, I love Ella's BB pictures , the pictures of Lucy and Jack made tears stream down my cheeks. The ones where they are cheek to cheek, Oh My Gosh!!!

  3. Great pictures of Ella play and Lucy and Jack cuddling. Adorable!!

    Always praying for you Lucy,

  4. Precious picture of Lucy and Jack. Yes, you can see the love. The first picture of Ella looks just
    Ike you! Does she look just like you did at her age? Gorgeous family blessed with a wonderful Momma!