Weekend Fun

I'm not sure I'll ever tire of a "normal" weekend.  Every one we get seems like a true gift.  It's the simple things that make them so special.  Sleeping an extra hour (or two) on Saturdays, cooking a big breakfast, basketball games, highly anticipated naps for Jack which means I get to work on a project.  Even the girls being able to have a friend spend the night seems like such a blessing.  Sundays are church days.  Sunday school then service followed by dinner with my family.  Then its home to rest and play and later we head back to church for Awana.  I know it seems like a lot, but we love it.

I've said it before to friends and I know they think I am crazy, but nothing makes my heart feel more full than having a bunch of children in my house.  I love the busyness, the sounds, the laughter.  Ella's best friend spent the night Friday and it was so sweet how they all piled into one bed.  They play so well with Lucy and take such good care of her.  That sweet friend of ours is going to make a wonderful nurse one day.  I just know it!

Saturday morning was one we've been looking forward to for a while.  Ever since our favorite nurse asked Lucy to be in her wedding, we have been planning and anticipating the day we would go shopping for Lucy's princess (flower girl) dress.  The day was so much fun and Lucy enjoyed every since minute of attention she got.  Brandy's best friend, and one of our other favorite nurses, Autumn spend the day entertaining and lavishing attention on Lucy.  It was so precious to watch them enjoy her outside of a hospital setting.  I've always told our nurses and doctors that they didn't know the real Lucy.  The one with the spunky attitude and sassy spirit.  I think Brandy and Autumn really got to meet Lucy today--the real Lucy.

After we found our princess dress we headed over to the mall for some extra shopping.  Oh, these silly girls!


Our weekend was rounded off with a fish fry at my grandparent's home.  With my grandfather being sick, we take every advantage of a "warm" sunny day and spend time together as a family.  The fellowship is made even sweeter with fried crappie.  Well, I had to eat grilled chicken, but everyone else enjoyed his famous fish and hush puppies.  

Lucy didn't feel so well on Sunday, complaining of a headache all day.  I have to admit that the word "headache" is enough to strike fear into my very core.  Unfortunately its just part of the dance.  You pray like heck that it's sinuses and nothing else...then you sit and watch (and pray some more.)  So far she seems to be much better.  I had a mind-numbing headache most of yesterday too, so I'm going to assume that this fluctuating weather got the best of us both.  Isn't she just pitiful in this picture?

But don't worry...she did have happy moments most of the day.

Before I sign off, I have to share this story.  Every Saturday when we go to watch Ella play basketball, the kids each get a Ring Pop.  This $.50 treat is the highlight of their day for sure.  Inevitably Jack drops his or gets it dirty and begs for another one.  If I have any extra change I usually give in because, quite honestly, its just easier when I'm trying to keep him happy AND watch the game.  However, every now and then I do have to tell him no.  Erik said that when he was getting Jack and Ella loaded up for the game this weekend, Jack came walking out with this clinched tight in his hand:

We have no idea where he got the money, but when Erik asked him about it all he would say was "Ring Pop."  I guess he wasn't taking any chances this week!
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  1. Such a beautiful family!! It's amazing how much those nurses mean to the family. Especially kids. My cousin had cancer and the love and the compassion that they showed my cousins kids throughout the process can not be described. Those cancer nurses are true gifts from The Lord!!

  2. Hahaha! Oh Jack. You are such a smart little guy! :)

  3. What a great post, mius the headache, I am with you a happy house is a house full of kids. Lucy is just glowing , she looks like she was just the happiest, most beautiful little flower girl in the making. Love that things are going as they should be. My prayers will continue for your life to be full ,healthy, fun and full of laughing children.

  4. Thankful for normal. Celebrating with you.

    And nothing can stand between a boy and his ring pop.

  5. So thankful for each and every normal weekend you get. May you have more and more and more than you could even hope for. And that story of Jack and the money is hilarious!!!

  6. Your kids are so cute!!! OOhh how my heart ached for poor little girl!! PLease give her a hug from us & tell her we`re HAPPY she`s feeling better!

  7. I hope she continues to feel well... will be praying for that! And what a lucky lady to have sweet Lucy be a part of her special day!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jack's ring pop story!!! SOOOO cute... our boys are always surprising us with things like that... so fun!

    Will be heading your way Friday night to see WHS play Covington... so cool to go to Lucy's hometown!! :)

    As always, thank you for sharing your family as our loving God works through you all... may you continue to see His blessings. Go Lucy, Go!!

  8. I see Patanase!

    How come you couldn't have the fish? I'd take grilled chicken over fish any day. Technically all I've had for fish is fish sticks in elementary school (and that hardly counts, I'm sure) and tuna... but something about fish just weirds me out and I have no desire to touch the stuff!

    I love the princess dress!

  9. I love seeing Lucy's chubby cheeks. Ella is a gem, and Jack, well let me just say he couldn't be any cuter. God continue to bless you.