The Biggest Day of Her Life

At 6:40 this morning our Lucy was woken up for the biggest event of her life. She, of course, had no idea what was happening, but she took it all in stride. By 6:45 my parents, uncle, aunt, 3 cousins, pastor and his wife were all in her room. Poor baby. She had to know something was going on because we were all crying. When they came to wheel her down to surgery she climbed over into the transport bed, sat up big and tall and said "Momma, I'm not scared." Yes, that would be the point where I officially lost it! Her innocence was so acutely evident at that very moment.

Erik and I were able to walk down to the OR with her and stay until they were ready to begin. When it was time to say good bye, she was crying, I was crying and Erik was crying. It was sheer agony. Her surgery lasted for 9 hours. We were surrounded by family and friends the whole time. I feel so incredibly blessed to have so many people willing to take off work to be with us. It was nice having a distraction from reality for a while. When we finally got the call that she had made it through, we couldn't run to ICU fast enough. We haven't left her side for hardly a minute since. We had several wonderful friends come down tonight to see Lucy and I am so grateful for those friendships.

Our neurosurgeon sat us down and gave us the details from the surgery. They were able to remove the 3 largest brain tumors. There was one that he found in the frontal lobe that he could not get. The big tumor in her back had unfortunately begun to grow into her spine (hence the reason she can't walk or empty her bladder) so he was not able to get all of it either. He was, however, able to shave down most of the tumor so that it would stop putting pressure on her spinal cord and hopefully allow her to start walking again. Because she will have to have what they call "high risk" chemotherapy anyway, they are just going to go after the leftover tumors with that. Because the cancer is spreading so very rapidly, they are going to have to go at it with chemo and radiation with a vengeance. It is going to be hell on earth. We are trying to prepare ourselves, but I don't think you really can. We had also hoped to be able to spend a couple of weeks at home recovering before we went to St. Jude, but it looks as if we will more than likely be headed straight there. Which honestly suits me fine. I just want to jump on this thing as quickly and aggressively as we can.

I can't tell you how much I dread what is coming, but today was a HUGE stepping stone in the right direction. Lots of hurdles were crossed today. Sweet Lulu has a nasty road in front of her, but I know she can make it. God is going to hold her in his arms the whole way.

To try to maintain some normalcy last night, we had some friends come see Lucy. We ordered pizza, colored, watched movies and just laughed! It was so good for her to be with her sister and friends.

Her BEST friend Hyatt

I think everyone that has come to visit Lucy has brought a new stuffed animal. She loves it! She could never have too many in her opinion. As she gets them, she is lining them up in a nice, neat row at the foot of her bed. She has her own personal audience. It is too, too funny!

Well, right now it is 12:17am on Saturday, February 26th. We have been at Le Bonheur for a little over 48 hours. I can tell you that it feels like 2 weeks already. Right now we are just trying to breathe. It's all we can do. I told someone today that I feel as if I am standing in the office. One minute I am on two feet doing well. Then a wave comes and I'm on my face struggling to stand up against the force. We spent a lot of time in prayer today. I know its the first of many days like that to come.

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  1. Just want you guys to know that I love yall and that I know that Lucy is going to be okay. She has to be. God has this. We have been praying for her and Coco has a picture of her on her door. She was going to bed last night and said "see my picture of Lucy. She is my friend!" So, she has to be okay. I look at that picture of that beautiful baby girl in that hospital bed and I hurt for yall as if it were my own daughter. But she will be okay. Yall have a place to stay when you bring her to visit. We are in continual prayer for her speedy recovery.

  2. As I read this my heart breaks and tears roll! I am so very sorry that little Lucy is going through this right now. Know that your whole hometown is praying for you all! The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing and we will. You guys are constantly in our minds and on our hearts right now and we will lift you up in prayer. We pray for guidance, for strength, for wisdom and for rest. It is so hard to get rest right now but you guys have to stay healthy in order to be there for your baby so please don't forget to take care of yourselves!
    We are praying! Tommy & Beth

  3. seeing lucy surrounded by all the stuffed animals warms my heart:) i can remember FREAKING OUT if she lost one while playing at my house...b/c i knew she would freak!!! i would watch those stuffed animals like a hawk while she was there:) ha!
    i know you feel like you are about to walk into a hurricane. i can't imagine. i hope you find a little bit of comfort knowing that you, lucy, erik, and ella are literally surrounded in prayer as you walk through your storm. you are loved by so many!

  4. Yes, Kate, HUGE first steps taken this week!!! Excellent doctors w/ accuate diagnoses, a successful surgery... I sincerely hope you ALL take comfort in knowing that you are loved & cared for by SO MANY, especially an AWESOME GOD!!

  5. Kate- Donald said it best. When I look at her in that hospital bed, I cannot help but to picture that being my own and how bad it hurts just to imagine it. I immediately say to myself "if it hurts me that bad, I cannot imagine how bad you guys hurt". You have no idea how many people are praying for you. It is amazing to drive through Covington and see all those Pink and Purple ribbons hanging on mailboxes everywhere for little Lucy! She has touched the hearts of people who do not even know her.

  6. Kate- There are people everywhere praying! We have our church praying and so many of our friends here in Memphis. Lucy has so many people that love her- she is a very lucky little girl! I have my purple and pink bow on my mailbox to show that the Weaver's promise to you and Erik is to FAITHFULLY continue to pray. We are praying boldly for God's peace be on you and your family along with his healing hand on Lucy. Rely on us to be your prayer warriors!

  7. Hey! My name is Teresa and I'm a friend of Emily Cook's. She told me about your story last night. I'm a nurse at St. Jude and work with MB patients on the floor where they get their chemo. Just wanted to let you know that I will certainly be praying for you guys and sweet Lucy. I hope that we'll get a chance to meet soon!

  8. Kate- I don't know you personally, but living in Covington it seems everyone is somehow familiar; our paths have likely crossed a time or two! I have to tell you that your faith is truly inspiring! My heart breaks that your family is having to face such an awful road ahead, but my faith is truly renewed by how your family and our community have responded with love, faith and prayer, it is a blessing in the midst of it all. My family and I will continue to pray for you, your family and especially sweet little Lucy as she fights this terrible battle!

  9. Kate, I work at Riverdale and heard about your precious Lucy from Amy Byrd. She gave our faculty your blog info, and I am so impressed by how beautiful it is!

    I have an email subscription to "Love Worth Finding", and I thought you might find today's verse comforting:

    2 Timothy 1:7
    “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

  10. Kate, I do not know your sweet family, although I am a friend of the Fencl's so I feel connected. We held hands yesterday and prayed for Lucy, your family and the doctors at our Bible Study. I love your blog and your humble bravery. I admire your faith as a sister in Christ. There are times only God can seem to give us peace. This must be one of those times...I can only imagine. I pray you will all keep feeling His arms around you. Prayers still strong. With His Grace, Tracey Simpson

  11. Kate, I like Tracey do not know your personally but am in the same Bible study group as Adrian Fencl. Adrian told me about your sweet Lucy yesterday and you have been in my prayers ever since. Julie Torregossa posted your blog link on her facebook page. Please know that so many people are praying for your family.

    "If you have faith as small as a ustard seed, you can say to this mountian move and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20.

    In Christ, Misty Risner

  12. I am so sorry for all that you are going through. Hope your little girl stays strong through all of this.

  13. Kate, I don't know you or your family, but I have seen your blog link posted by friends on facebook. I was so touched reading your story. My husband works at St. Jude and I had lunch with him today and was telling him your story and he said how hearing stories like this just makes him want to work even harder. Allen and I are lifting your family and especially precious Lucy up in prayers!