Day 3

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Sweet Lucy has had a pretty rough day today.  We've had some "big" successes, but then they would be followed by a small set back.  The nurses are still having a hard time managing her pain.  When she gets aggitated she begins to vomit and we often lose what medicine she just had taken.  The morphine seems to work fairly well, but it often does not last until the next dose of pain medicine.  That's when things get bad.  But on a positive note, she can tell us when she is going to get sick, she will grab and rag and wipe her face and mouth after she gets sick and if she is really uncomfortable from the pain in her head, neck and back she will turn herself to a comfortable postition.  Another huge success today came when she lifted her right leg about 6" off the bed.  Her right side had the most paralysis so that made our hearts explode with hope!

My brother and parents got to witness the first and only smile since surgery.  I was so sad I missed it but honestly, my baby brother needed to see it more than anyone.  He really seemed to relax a little after that moment. 
My favotrite moment of the day was this:

Big sister Ella spent some time holding Lucy's hand.  I think they said "I love you" back and forth ten times.  It did my heart good!  Ella still does not know just how sick her sister is but her heart is so big she just can't help but to love her even more seeing her laying in that bed.

When my Dad came in this morning he had this angel with him.  It might not look like much to you, but when my mother was on her death bed back in 1995 after suffering from a massive pulmonary embolism some friends gave this to her and it hung about her bed.  It was her guardian angel for those scary, horrible 3 weeks.  Now it hangs above my Lucy's bed. 
This is my LouBear tonight.  First picture with her eyes open, although they look rather dim.  She knows she has to fight...and she will.  She already is. 
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  1. Kate, I wanted to share a story of hope with you. In 2005 my brother in-law, (Kevin’s sisters husband) Sean, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma---a plasma cell cancer. Over 99% of his body was invaded by cancer cells. The diagnosis was grim; in fact, his oncologist told us that they would make him as comfortable as possible for the next couple months. After months of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he went in to remission. In August, he will celebrate being cancer free for 5 years. The reason I am telling you this story is to prove that miracles are happening everyday and Sean is living proof. We will continue to pray for Lucy and all of the doctors and nurses treating her. Stay strong!!

  2. Lucy is my hero. I love her and will not quit praying until she's home & healthy.

  3. Dear Kate, My name is Jodi Ball and I am a friend of Brandi Mignard. Brandi asked that her FaceBook friends pray for Lucy and sent your Blog address so we could get to know Lucy and understand your need for prayer. I have to say that I fell in love with Lucy instantly. She is so adorable and the inbodiment of what a perfect little girl should be. I have been praying for a dear friend of mine that is battling cancer now and I will be adding your little Lucy to to top of my prayer list immediately. I lost my sister suddenly four years ago and was devastated. I never thought we would get through her funeral, but hundreds of her church family and friends were there and amazingly I felt a comfort like I've never known before. I realized it was the result of the many prayers that these people I didn't even know that were holding us up. At that moment I knew the power of prayer and I now pray with such exuberance because I know that it does work. So just know that from this day forward I will be praying hard for your strenght and comfort and for Lucy's full recovery. Your friend in prayer, Jodi

  4. Dear Ms. Kate, I'm Libby Long. I worked at the Covington Sportsplex during youth basketball season. In years past, I remember seeing your family up there. Lucy & her dad would always come to the concession stand to get a ring pop. I always thought she was the cutest little girl ever! When I heard about her diagnosis and surgery, I couldn't believe someone so young would ever have to go through that. I've been praying every day for her to have a full recovery and for your family to have some peace of mind that she will be ok. Keep fighting Lucy!

  5. I'm a total stranger here; but, found your link from a FB friend...just wanted you to know that you have a prayer warrior, on the job, here in Charleston, SC. Our God is a God of miracles and I'm believing in one for your princess. Esther

  6. She is beautiful! No other way to put it. There is definitely something about your angel that is touching so many people. I hate that it is in this way..but she was chosen by God.. and so are you Kate!! This might sound strange to most..but I think when we are chosen for any role, good or bad, by our Father..we should feel honored..honored that he believes in us..that we can share his word thru our suffering or triumph. You and Lucy are making Him proud!!!!

  7. We found that once a medication was found to work by mouth without any Morphine, then our girls bounce back quicker from their surgeries. We are continuing to pray for Lucy and your family! It is hard to see your own kids hurting!
    In Christ,
    Carmen Pfeifer

  8. Kate, I haven't stopped thinking about you and your family and your precious angel Lucy since I heard about what you are going through. Please know that we are praying for you all in every way possible! You have humbled me more than I've ever been humbled with you constant reminders of your blessings and your devout love for Him, so thank you! Prayers won't stop!
    In God's Glory,
    Toni Autry