Big Day

MRI and LP starting at 1:15.  Lucy will go back for sedation workup around noon (that is if everything is on schedule.)  We covet your prayers today and ask that you pray for no cancer and clear CSF (cerebral spinal fluid).  I won't post again until we hear the results, which may be late tonight. 

Please also pray for our sweet, sweet friend Justin.  He is currently back for his MRI and LP as I type.  Both his mother and I are nervous wrecks today.  Today just might be a Xanax day. 

Big, big day.  Believing in an even bigger God!
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  1. Praying, praying, praying for complete healing, that you would all be in awe of the amazing God we serve and that He would receive all the glory for the work of His miraculous healing hand!

  2. Oh sweet Kate...praying for you now. Wish I could squeeze your sweet neck right now! Praying that His peace will surround you today...

    Lindsay Keegan

  3. Hi Kate,

    I will be praying for each of you, and specifically Lucy's health. I encourage you to simply follow his command in Psalm 46:10... "Be still and KNOW that I am GOD."

    I haven't been in your position and pray that I never am. I have also never been in such a dark, dark place, yet I've seen God work miracles in others whom have. And I'm sure that even in the lives of others not facing such crisis, that experiencing moments of weakend faith can come and go... I hope that any weak moments today will be filled with His reminder of being still... stopping and remembering... HE IS GOD. He is The Great I Am.

    He loves you. And Lucy. And Eric, Ella, and Jack, too. He loves us all. I look forward to the results, and I will be praying for you throughout the day. Hanging on to the HOPE that HE gives us.

    GO LUCY GO!!!
    Selena Bragg

    By the way, He must be so proud of you and your faith, as well as your genuine concern for others in similar positions as sweet Lucy-girl. You're doing a great job, Kate!

  4. Hi Kate, I stumbled upon your blog several months ago and, although I have never commented, I have been praying for you and your family this whole time. Seeing your faith through such a difficult trial has been such an encouragement to me (and I'm sure so many others!) I have a little girl not much older than Jack and I can understand how difficult it must be to be separated from your children during this time. I hope you are able to take comfort in the knowledge that the Lord doesn't give us anything we are not prepared to handle ... how much faith he must have in you and your family as you walk through such a difficult trial! I will be continuing to pray for you and your whole family! Thank you for your witness.

  5. Praying for sweet Lucy! Sending up prayers for you and the family as well, cannot imagine how you feel. Go Lucy Go!!

  6. Praying hard for a clear scan! God is in control and He can heal Lucy! Praying for Justin, too!

    GO LUCY GO!!! Fight, fight, fight!


  7. Praying hard for Justin and Lucy and their sweet sweet mamas!

  8. Praying for you, Lucy, and your family. I ran across this quote today, and thought of you: "The worst thing that can happen to any of us is to have a path that's made too smooth. One of the greatest blessings the Lord ever gave us was a cross." - Charles Haddon Spurgeon
    Praying that gives you a little encouragement or comfort on such a difficult day of waiting.

  9. Praying for both kiddos! So glad for the daily reminder of faith that this blog brings to my life. Thanks to all the prayer warriors for being a daily reminder that where 2 or more are gathered, God is there among us! Go Lucy Go!!!!!

  10. Kate,
    I've been following Lucy for months. I will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers today. Just take comfort in knowing that everything is in God's hands and that ultimately, He is in control. This is easier said than done, I know!! I am also praying for strength to you and your husband as I know this must be so very excruciating.
    Antoinette :)

  11. Praying for you and Lucy right now.

    I also wanted to share a story with you. My 4 1/2 year old daughter Macie saw a picture of Lucy while I reading the blog the other day. Being a child she wanted to know why Lucy did not have any hair. I told her about cancer and how the treatment made her hair fall out. I also told her that Lucy was not very much older than she is. We talked about how we should pray for Lucy and your family.

    The next day we were headed to the doctor to get the flu vaccine. Macie asked me if I remembered the little girl on the computer whose hair had fallen out. I reminded her that her name is Lucy and she asked if we could pray for her that night when she went to bed. I said we could pray now, but Macie told me that she did not know how. So, I gave her the words and she repeated after me. Later that afternoon, I was outside with my other kids when she came out of the house. She came up and said "Mommy, I just prayed for Lucy again."

    I have to admit I cringed a little when she was referring to her as the girl whose hair had fallen out. But, I was encouraged that Lucy had become a person to her just by praying for her and talking about her. I really hope that if she encounters a child who has lost their hair, she will have learned to be compassionate and not make them feel different.

    She really wants to send Lucy a picture. Should we still send it to the Target house address?

  12. Lucy and you all are in my prayers!

  13. I have been praying for Lucy, your family and everyone else affected by childhood cancer. Thank you for always being so honest with how you feel, and telling the world that God really is as awesome as He says He is :)(((HUGS))), Love and prayers for you all!!!!

    GO LUCY GO!!!!

  14. Praying for wonderful news today!!! Go Lucy Go!!

  15. Praying specifically and believing. I will keep checking for the report....

  16. Praying for all and passed your blog along for some extra prayers today.

  17. Praying, praying, praying for you guys!!

  18. I am praying for Lucy and your beautiful family - also for Justin and his family.

    You have so much faith; I admire you beyond words that I could ever express.

    Storming Heaven with prayers.

  19. I have been praying all day!

  20. Praying big big prayers for Little Lucy and Friend Justin... our God is bigger than cancer! Go Lucy Go! I have followed for a long time and Lucy touches my heart!

    Brandi :)