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The first family to reach out to us during our nightmare at LeBonheur was the Foley family.  Their daughter was there having her second brain tumor resection while Lucy was undergoing her first, and hopefully only.  We have since grown to love the Foleys and have so much respect for them and their love for God.  Their faith is truly inspiring and their daugther, Ivee, will always remain in our prayers.  She is an amazing little girl who has survived and flourished through more than any doctor ever imagined.  Her parents call her Ivee the Blessed.  And that she is!

This is the excerpt from the voting page:

"Ivee the Blessed"
Nothing in life can prepare you for the day that a doctor walks out of surgery to tell you your 7 month old daughter has a malignant brain tumor. That because of the deficits of this disease and surgery, the life you dreamed of having with her is not the life that you will get to live. For over 4 years, Ivee has endured 6 months of chemo, 63 doses of radiation, and 15 surgeries. She has never let her deficits keep her down. She has survived and prospered despite all she has endured. She melts the heart of everyone she meets, can make you laugh with her sweet expressions and funny sense of humor, and she has inspired her community to raise funds for childhood cancer research. But mostly she has taught me to be a better person. To be thankful for every blessing, big or small.

Please follow this link and VOTE for Ivee.  Her mom has written as story that will hopefully appear in Reader's Digest.  Thanks friends!
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  1. I voted for Ivee! It automatically prompted me to share this on my FB wall, which I did. Who knows, maybe some of my friends will follow the lead!

    I'm continuing to pray for Lucy. God bless!!