This was Lucy just shy of 4 weeks before her diagnosis.  She was 4 1/2 years old and skiing like she was 13!  Nothing held her back and she had no fear. 

This was her today.  Struggling to even take a step on her own.  We feel confident that over time God, rest and eating again will get her back to at least 85-90%.  We have a long, long road ahead of us.  I told Erik today that even though these past 7 months have been hell, I think my work as a Mom to a child with cancer will just begin when we get home.  There is so much mending, so much healing (mental, physical and emotional) to be done.  I know what my full time job will be starting the day we get home.  It's all worth it though.  Every single, solitary minute of it. 

(before you watch the video, be sure to go to the bottom of the page and turn off the music on my blog)

(having trouble with video.  check back later.....)

Our friend Kellan has scans tomorrow.  Please pray for NO cancer!  She is doing so well and is about to end her therapy here at St. Jude and head home.  They are so excited to be a family again and her Mommy is even going to have a baby.  This is another family that we met here that will forever remain special to us.  We will always share a common bond.  We love you, Kellan and are praying hard for nothing but excellent news tomorrow!!!

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  1. Look at that PT rock star--Go Lucy Go! We love you too--you all are now a part of our family... See you tomorrow!

    --The Goods

  2. Go Lucy! Thanks for posting this Kate! So interesting to see what type of therapy she is doing. Pretty neat! :) Good to see Lu in action.

  3. Hi, I'm Michelle.
    I just wanted to thank your family for being such an inspiration for me. I have been reading your blog and your strength and relationship with God helps me through the bad days. A year in a half ago my doctors discovered tumors growing in-between my facial bone, long story short the doctors do not know what to do, what kind of tumors I have or how to remove them ( I will go blind if they aren't taken out.) I know that God put this obstacle in my way for a reason and I will be a stronger person because of it, just like your family. You and your family are in my prayers.
    God bless

  4. The video won't play.

  5. Praying for sweet Lucy. Like you said, that all that healing begin! I know that if any mom can do it, you can. Your blog has been such an inspiration to us and we are praying for your beautiful girl! (By the way, we couldn't get the video to play)

  6. GO LUCY GO!!! I'm praying she starts eating soon and gets back to 100%! With God ALL things are possible! I love the picture, although the contrast is heart breaking! I'm praying and will continue!

    Love you Lucy...keep fighting!


  7. praying that Lucy is able to eat soon, that her body begins the healing process, that health and peace of mind find Lucy and your family.