Round 4 Day Plus 12

Day plus 12.  That puts u approximately 3 days away from Lucy's counts recovering.  That is if she follows the normal cycle, of course.  The trend over the last 3 courses has been that days 11, 12, 13 are her worst.  Her body is in overdrive trying to produce cells and while they are grafting it can make for one very sick little girl.  Yesterday we had to put her on a Morphine pump early in the morning.  I knew what to expect the next few days, so I didn't even waste any time asking for one.  I just want her to be as comfortable as possible until this weekend, when she should be fully recovered.  The continual dose is so low that they are able to just stop the pump without even having to taper down. 

She did OT yesterday afternoon, but other than that she was in bed all day until around 4:30.  Mom and I convinced her to go for a stroll and I think it did her (and us) a world of good.  We strolled around the hallways and then even went outside for a few minutes.  We read LOTS of books and then came back inside to do an art project with the college volunteers that were here last night. 

(look!  it's me)

Dr. T even made a visit while we were doing our art project.  It was a vision to behold I might add.  Dr. T is at least 6'4", if not taller.  He folded himself up somehow and sat down in the kiddie chairs that we were in and we had the best talk.  I am going to miss him when we are gone.  He is a very straight-forward doctor and doesn't fill you with a lot of fluff.  I appreciate that in him and respect him very much.  He is our primary doctor in B Clinic.  Good Lord willing, we will only see Dr. T when we pass him in the halls or specifically make a point to visit.  I hope to NEVER, EVER go back to B Clinic again!

One of the things that I was worried about was Lucy's immune system going forward.  I knew that she may never have a fully functioning immune system, but to what extent I was not sure.  He assured me that, although no major research had been done on Autologous recepients, she should be fine.  He said that what they did know was that the cells in our body that have memories (yes, our cells have memories) were not harmed in any of the harvests or transfers.  For example, we will not have to re-immunize Lucy because the cells that she got back of her own will remember how to fight those illnesses that she had received imunizations for.  Isn't that amazing.  I asked about her ability to fight the flu and immuno-supressing diseases like Mono.  He was not concerned and that made me feel so much better.

Well, it looks as if Lucy might sleep the day away.  I expected that though.  Day 12.  Usually happens!  Mom and I are going to take turns sitting in here with her today.  She is exercising now and I am going to go for a run soon.  Being on the other wing of the hospital has is advantages and disadvantages. 

Lucy can have visitors
Lucy can leave her room
Lucy can sleep with her stuffed animals

I don't have a bath/shower.  There is 1 for the whole floor to share!
I have to sleep on the couch
We are right by the nurses station and it is LOUD and the lights are BRIGHT
The rooms are so very tiny in comparisons.

That being said, I would gladly trade my creature comforts for her freedoms.  Would do so without a blink of the eye. 

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  1. I recognized you getting coffee yesterday as I was passing by that way, and I wanted to give you a big hug! But I've never even commented on your blog before and it didn't seem appropriate- especially as an employee. So I'll give you a virtual hug here.
    It must be tough being back in the hospital, but I'm praying that Lucy gets over this trial and can get out (and stay out!) of the hospital soon.

  2. Lucy is looking good! She looks like she is getting stronger everyday and she seems to be getting a little tan.