Pumpkin Run 2011

(Only a portion of Team Lucy.)

Calling the team effort a success would be the understatement of the year.  It was a HUGE feat of accomplishment and I was so proud to be a part of Team Go Lucy Go.  I was honored that so many people choose to support LeBonheur Hospital in honor of my sweet girl. 

With your help I was able to raise $2,100
Team Go Lucy Go came in second overall be raising $5,976.  Our goal was originally $3,000!
93 total team members

Wow!  I was so amazed at the support.  I can't thank you all enough.  It was also so awesome meeting people that I had chatted with through email and through this blog.  I got to hug so many necks (I am a hugger) of strangers that have been diligently praying for my sweet Lucy and our family.  When it was all over I was still in amazement.  It was a lot to take in!

 (This banner hangs above Lucy's bed in her room at home.  A sweet stranger sent it to her.  I may never know who sent it, but THANK YOU! )

 (This is Brandy.  She was our favorite nurse at LeBonheur.  She held my hand through many of my worst and darkest moments.  She was our night nurse, so we would often cry and laugh together at 2:00am when sleep alluded me.  In those first weeks, I don't think I slept ever!  I will always, always remember Brandy and what she meant to our family.  God sent her to be our angel and even though I couldn't make her my sister-in-law, she will be a part of my life forever.)

(The picture at the top left of this collage is of our friend Kellan and her mommy and sister.  Kellan is the one I have asked for prayers for and she is doing great.  Her mommy crossed the finished line with tears streaming, amazed that Kellan had actually RUN more than 2 miles of the race.  This is a little girl who after chemo couldn't walk to the other side of the room.  It gives me so much hope that Lucy will one day have the energy, stamina and strength to live a normal life.  Way to go Kellan!)

I hope that next year our team will be even bigger and will raise even more money for LeBonheur.  The whole experience was wonderful.  I would be remiss if I did not journal for my own memory that I had prayed all week God would get us through the race without Lucy getting a fever.  Well, Erik's parents took Lucy on to St. Jude for her GCSF and lab work Saturday.  She had to be there at 11:00, and the race was over by 10:30 or so.  Wouldn't you know it but as soon as Erik got downtown he called to tell me she had a fever.  Of course I was bummed about going inpatient, but God answered my specific prayer.  I am so grateful for that. 

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  1. Kate- Kirk and I have ran that race for many many years. We planned to run it this year but were called to Oklahoma to get Andi Grace a month early. Looks like you guys had a great turn out! Go Lucy Go!

  2. I am sitting in Chick fil A reading this trying to fight back the tears. I have followed Lucy's story since her diagnosis and have been humbled by your honesty and inspired by your great faith. I have a daughter with special needs...at first it feels like we're walking this road alone...but the longer I'm on it I realize the road I'm on...the one of sorrow, pain, fear, but overwhelming grace and mercy, triumphs, hurdles, and joy is way more travelled than I once though. Thank you for your transparency over the past few months. Can't wait to continue to see Lucy's progress!! Go Lucy!!

  3. Go Lucy Go!!

    - i LOVE the shirts! Are they for sale anywhere??