A Thankful Thanksgiving

I did it.  I put the camera down and enjoyed Thanksgiving this year.  These are the only two pictures I have to show for it, but they are absolutely perfect!  Happy Thanksgiving a day late from our home to yours!

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  1. Hi. I would like to donate books to the Ladybug Library. Which is
    better-- fewer hardback books that might last longer or more paperback
    books that perhaps patients could keep? Also, what should I do with
    them? Thanks.

  2. Beautiful! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family. Here in Canada, we celebrated at the beginning of October since our season is shorter than yours.


  3. Wonderful pictures! They are beautiful children, and it's great to see Lucy looking so well! :)

  4. Lucy looks great! They are all precious. I read your blog and think I may have commented once- but always thinking of Lucy and wanting to keep up with her progress. 2013 is going to be Lucy's year!

  5. glad you had a great thanksgiving!

  6. Hey There Kate!!! I'm VERY Happy to hear you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. I cannot believe how BIG Jack and Maddie look!!! WOW!!! Babes Don't Keep!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Think of you often.....Jenn xo