What Happens?

What happens when you take 4 beautiful children to see Santa Claus and forget to put the memory card in your camera?  You miss out on the priceless moments of 4 children seeing Santa Claus.  Ugh.  How frustrating.  Since the kiddos were out of school this week my mom and I decided to meet up with my sister and niece and had pictures made with Santa.  Jack did awesome; Maddie not so much.  If only I had the pictures to prove it....

Here is the picture I took of the picture I bought.  What a loser I am sometimes!

We had such a nice day today.  No one was in a hurry, no one had an agenda.  It was really, really nice.  Every now and then you just need one of these days.  I figure I don't have much more time with Ella and her "believing" so we took advantage of a group picture this year.

Lucy is doing great this week.  She is still battling fatigue, but overall she is dramatically improved from last week.  Erik and I are doing a lot of soul searching, trying to figure out the best thing for Lucy when it comes to school and PT.  She has GOT to get back into school full time.  I know she needs the PT, but school has to become a priority.  If not, we are going to get ourselves into a mess.  These decisions are so hard because you feel like you can't make the perfect decision.  You can look at her little eyes in the picture below and see that she is tired.  Bless her heart.

We have been decorating and getting ready for Christmas.  The girls have their Christmas lists ready and I'm almost completely done shopping.  I told you I was working on that procrastination issue.  I even have most of the house decorated for Christmas already.  Here are two of the trees I got done this past weekend.

We are into the Christmas spirit full swing at our house.  I have brought Erik with us, kicking and screaming, but the rest of us are greeting Christmas with reckless abandon.  We have so much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for this year.  Praise God for our lives right now.  Life isn't easy, but wow!  Look how far we have come.

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  1. Hello, I'm a lurker and I've never commented before. I'm not even sure how I came across your blog, but am glad I did. Please, please don't ever call yourself a loser! Ok, so you forgot the memory card. On the grand scheme of things, no big deal! You all have your memory of the picture session with Santa in your heart and minds! Kate, you are a wonderful Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter and so much more. Yes, Your plate is full. You are human and you take it all in stride. It is OK to have moments. We all do. I'm glad you had a wonderful day. May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving and Holiday season. I toast you.

  2. Hello Dear Kate!
    I've been thinking a lot about you guys & really hoping you were feeling less overwhelmed and exhausted!! I like the picture of the kids and Santa & I LOVE your trees....especially the snowman tree!!! It's so cute!!! I hope your days continue to be positve and laid back! Just PLEASE remember to be gentle and KIND to yourself Kate and just take one small step. We are all here rooting and caring for both yourself and for your BEAUTIFUL family!!!
    God Bless You Kate... you and your Amazing Family!!!
    Sending you all lots of love, friendship and support from Canada!!
    Jenn & Family! xoxo

  3. Thinking of you and your loved ones this holiday season......and thank you for the reminder to get the memory card out of this computer before we travel for Turkey day this morning!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Kate....what if Lucy "attended" school via skype on the days she is unable to actually go? She would still feel like she is participating and would not feel so behind when she gets back. Still praying for your family! Love!

  5. Kate, I wanted to encourage you with Lucy and school. She's so young, did you know it almost all states school isn't even mandatory until age 7? She's young and tired and that's OK. If she's given the chance to rest well she'll learn everything she needs to when she's strong. I've commented here in the past but I don't think I've shared that I home school my four little boys. It's crazy how one day they only want to play all day and then one day (usually close to age 7) they wake up and want to learn everything in sight. Anyhow, there's an awesome Christian packaged curriculum complete with gorgeous lesson plans that are so easy to follow and the group that makes it (Memoria Press) makes it for some elite private schools they run. Their schools are in the top 1% of the nation every year! Check it out at www.memoriapress.com. It includes all subjects complete with memory work from the bible, etc. With where you live I bet there are some very active home school groups for play dates and field trips, etc. Anyways, just a thought but I know your life is crazy busy and no matter what you choose it will all work out!

  6. Everytime I read a blog post like this one, my heart just soars for the rest of the day! Ella, Lucy, Jack, and Maddie are all so beautiful (and handsome too for Jack!) and precious! I'm so glad that all of you are having a better week, and I hope that your Thanksgiving is just as memorable as this outing!
    Lots of Love,

  7. Adorable pictures! Looks like a fun day. And Lucy and Ella are looking more and more alike! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Praying for you.

  8. Kate,
    I'm so happy Lucy is doing better. I have been praying for her. I wanted to tell you what I tell my husband who is a photographer as well, sometimes the view behind the lens isn't as wonderful as it is without it. I hope that makes since. He tries to put down the camera at least once when we go on big trips to enjoy the view without being behind the lens. He is a landscape photographer for fun, although I wish he would make it more! Anyway, sometimes it's better to be in the moment rather than take pictures.

  9. Hi Kate,
    Praying for you and Erik to make the right decision for Lucy regarding school and PT.


  10. What wonderful pictures and memories. So glad you had a really good day. I will be praying for the right decision regarding Lucy's schooling. Your trees look great!

  11. According to state law a child only has to be enrolled in school from age 7 to 16. By law a homeschooled child only has to do 4 hours a day of school which is 20 hours a week. A child in a public school and or private school is there 35 hours a week. You are much busier with a social life than we are. We are pretty much at home or working with my husband at his store but not having to drag a child who is tired out of bed to be dressed and at school each day might help.

  12. You all deserve the great day you had. Ella looks like such a little lady in the first picture. Your Christmas trees are gorgeous. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  13. Great picture of your beautiful children. Maybe Lucy needs to rest a while longer. I homeschool four of my children and it's certainly something worth considering. That way you can do a little at a time off and on during the day and Lucy can rest in between without falling behind. I'm sure you'll do whatever you feel is best!

  14. Does your "camera" store a few pictures on it without memory card? I have forgotten mine many times. My camera will keep 12 photos on it without the card. Then once home I connect to computer and download those 12. At least I have some! Maybe you have that feature, too??!!

    Your trees are stunning! Very talented. :) Lucy does look tired. Bless her heart.