I had a totally different post planned for tonight, but I'm changing courses.  Tonight I just want to say that I am thankful.  So VERY thankful for my life.  Yeah, we have hard days and life isn't always easy around here, but my cup runneth over tonight.  My children are full of the Christmas spirit and it appears to be quite contagious.

As if our life isn't exciting enough, we've decided to spice things up a little.  Jack got a big boy bed this weekend.  It's a huge move for me.  He's my last baby and seeing that crib come down was very emotional. It was such a stark reminder that that season of my life is over.  While I'm sure that I don't want to travel down that road again it was hard really accepting the fact that it was over.  Poor Jack.  I think I've held him and kissed him more since the bed came down than I have his whole life.  Oh!  I love that kid.

We are also taking his bottle away.  I know, he's 2.  Don't judge.  We do things our own speed around here.  Wish us luck!  I'm also starting a 24 day weight loss challenge this Friday.  I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes.  Yesterday I went to the Dr. and weighed.  I was NOT happy.  I've got a buddy to do this with so our plan is to keep each other accountable.  I'll keep you posted!

Here's a super sweet story.  When Jack went for his post-op and allergist check ups yesterday, I encouraged him to wait and let the ladies leave elevator before he ran out.  If I do nothing else in my baby boy's life I will teach him how to be courteous and use good manners.  As we were walking towards the main entrance he ran past the elderly ladies in front of me, almost knocking one of them down.  I was absolutely mortified and began apologizing incessantly.  We continued to speak as we made our way to the door and low and behold..if that baby boy wasn't running to get to the door so he could hold it open.  It was the most precious thing I have ever seen.  I was so proud and everyone around stopped to watch.  Now, if I can only teach him to not kill the ladies in the process of being a gentleman!

We are expecting someone very special to visit tonight.  A certain little girl is expecting a very big payout!

That is, if we could ever get these crazies to bed!

p.s.-  Lucy's scans are Friday.  We'd appreciate all the prayers you can offer.
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  1. I hope the tooth fairy was generous to Lucy, that is such an exciting rite of passage.Big boy Jack in his wonderful new bed---another rite of passage for Mom. Praying for fabulous scans and I have NO doubt they will be anything less. Go Lucy Go----she will grow and grow to be a cranky teenager----God Bless you all.

  2. Praise God for beautiful moments as these! Praying for you all!

  3. Good luck with your week! I also have 2 older daughters and one baby boy (16 months old). I can't even fathom attempting a big boy bed transition, bottle weening AND a weight loss program all at one time. My family would change the locks to the house! I hope you have easy transitions. There are days when I am so frazzled that I don't even know my name. It gives me hope to see that sweet Jack is maturing from a baby to a precious and well-mannered little boy. I needed that ray of hope tonight. Good luck! I will be sending prayers your way.

  4. Leaving the baby stage is very tough, I cried too.

    So funny about Jack almost knocking the ladies down to get the door for him. ;P He's a sweetie.

    Yea Lucy loosing a tooth!!! Looking good there girl!

    Praying for clean scans, but I thought she already had those.

    Praying and praying!!

  5. My little girl will be two in two weeks and she has no intentions of giving up her bottle anytime soon. But when we take it away, I'm going on vacation and her dad will have to be the mean one. Lol. I don't think she can make it without her ba-ba.

  6. Aww.no judging here. From my own experience you may see longer periods of Jack being well. I took the bottle away about the same age.

    Praying for scan day.

    Selfishly I ask for prayer. This caregiver is exhausted and stressed.

    I so appreciate you sharing.

  7. My son is 2 1/2 and still LOVES his bottle i was happy to read what you wrote :) my daughter was off at age 1 and him he just wont give it up!

  8. Two is not bad for a bottle....that little boy has been through a lot and his bottle might have been a great resource for him to use in coping. Great to see Lucy able to push the vacuum cleaner.

  9. No judgement here. My dd is 3 1/2 and we still snuggle in for a small bedtime bottle with cuddles and prayers each night. I'm in no rush to stop this and neither is she. Your sweet Jack has shared a lot of himself in his 2 young years. Do what is best for your family.

    Love seeing pics of your 3 cuties together. Also, the story of the door is too, too precious!

  10. No baby anymore! We did that last year and it hurts but little boys are great cuddlers! Good luck on your weight loss challenge, you don't look like you need to lose weight! I just lost 25 lbs this summer. I highly recommend using myfitnesspal to log your food. I posted some habits that I had to break last night - lifewiththebs.wordpress.com

  11. I must admit that the title of this entry in conjunction with the crib picture, I was bracing for an "announcement!" :) The Kruell family certainly has a lot going on...and a lot to be thankful for (as you know! Lol.). Warm wishes for a blessed day!

  12. I can't tell you how good it is to see you post of normal, everyday activities! Losing the crib was SO difficult for me. I didn't think I would ever get past the longing for another baby. I can finally say that I'm okay with it now, 6 kids later... lol

    As far as the weight loss....Oh, gosh. I am right there with you! My goal is to participate in the Pumpkin Run and St Jude 5K in 2013. There it is in black and white. I guess I better get busy!

    And as always, praying for Lucy (and you).

  13. Aww Jack, if all little boys could be like you! Congratulations Lucy, I hope that the tooth fairy leaves you a special surprise in the morning!!
    Lots of Love,

  14. AAaawww - Sweet, sweet Jack!!! I love him!!! No judgement from re: the bottle or anything else for that matter. In my opinion....you do the best you can do. I suspect with all of the changes within your family, that little boy really needed that bottle so I say "Whatever works...works"!!! AMEN!!!
    I also cried when we took my Sam's crib down. I was so sad. I knew I was done (my body spoke so very LOUD & CLEAR on that one) but I was sad it was the end of a period in my life I LOVED with a PASSION!!! I ALWAYS wanted to be a mommy and after loosing 5 babies, when I finally got to put a crib up when I was 5 months pregnant, I stared at it every single day. I was just so incredibly grateful to God for the amazing blessing he bestowed upon our hearts, souls and eventually, our loving arms. The feeling did not subside for all 3 of my babies. I loved their crib....far more than they did too be honest. So, anyways....my point is...I get it and I'm send you a HUGE Mama HUG!!!!
    Please say Congratulations to Lucy!!! I hope the Tooth Fairy brings her her just reward!!!
    I just LOVE Christmas with little one. Their excitement is so contagious!! Do you guys go on Nortrack?? It's an AMAZING site that not only tracts Santa all over the world but there is also a 1-800 # you can call & the kids can talk to an actual operator and he/she will tell you little ones approx. what time Santa will be coming to your country. My kids LOVE the site....even my 2 older kids b/c there are even on line games!!
    Prayer for all of you on Friday. I'm sure she'll do GREAT but I'm sure it will be a lot less stressful once those scans are finally done!!! God Bless You Dear Kate....God Bless All of You!!! Love, your friend, Jenn

  15. So brave of you!! I didn't take the crib down from my very, very active boy until he was almost three. I remember the moment so well. It is emotional. Now he is 12 and we are in the processing of redoing his room to more of a "teen" look. Yikes! That really sped by. I love how sweet Jack was for the ladies. Such an adorable story!

  16. Jack is such a little gentlemen! I had a hard time getting my son to stop wanting a bottle. This is what worked for us...I took him to Walmart and explained on the way that we were going to go buy new big boy cups for him to drink out of. When we got there I let him pick out different sippy cups and other drinking cups. I explained on the way back home that there were smaller kids that needed his bottles. When we got home I let him help pour juice into his new cup. I was constantly bragging on him and he was so proud of himself. Later that day he and I decorated a box to donate his bottles in and then he helped me put all his bottles in it and I told him how proud i was he was helping the smaller kids and being such a big boy. He only asked one time after that for a bottle and I would just remind him that we had donated them. Every kid is different but its worth a try. I think as long as they feel like they are in control of the things that comfort them, then they become open to change. God bless you and your sweet kids. They are lucky to have such a wonderful mom and u are lucky to be blessed with such wonderful kids.

  17. Praying and praying ... always praying - especially on Friday.

  18. I see you have a tooth fairy pillow... Will you please explain what that is used for? What is the special pillow for?

  19. kate..someone told me once that a child won't be taking their (fill in) blankie, soother, or bottle to college, so don't worry, some day, he'll use a scissors and cut a small hunk off...an idea: once a week, cut a bit of the bottle nipple off, and soon, shucks, a cup is much easier to drink from!! Bev

  20. I love that Jack-he's so cute! Who cares if he has his bottle til he's 5! As a Mom of 13, I think the no-bottle past age 1 is ridic. My babies didn't have bottles as I breast fed until they were up to 20 months, but let them be babies:)

  21. My son had his bottle and pacifier until 4 years old and just for fun, we did potty training too. Needless to say, his fourth year was a
    traumatic time. LOL