St. Jude Marathon Information

If you are running or walking in the St. Jude Marathon events and would like to wear something in honor of Lucy ---even if you are not signed up to be on Team Lucy--- then this information is for you.

My friends Nicole and Laura have ordered honor bibs and all you have to do is bring $4.00 cash and meet us in front of the forum at 6:45 am.  They have 100, so first come first serve.  We will also take a picture  right at 7:00.  The 5k starts at 7:15, so there is not a lot of wiggle room.  Please be on time.

Help spread the word if you don't mind!

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  1. Shse is so sweet, always in my thoughts..

  2. I would love to support Lucy to during my 1/2 marathon. I am also supporting Mrs Ava Roton too. Her page is on fb Pray for Ava. I hope to find you : )