Jack and Ella Play Dress Up

I haven't posted any pictures about my other two kiddos much this week.  Yes, they both participated in Halloween.  Ella chose to be Cat Woman and Jack was a chicken.  I could have never worn a black cat suit a day in my life.  Ella on the other hand has been blessed with the cutest little figure and pulled it off quite well.  She is only 9 after all.  Jack was so proud of this chicken outfit that he smiled all night.  He seriously thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Jack didn't really get into trick or treating and he definitely wasn't into having his picture taken.  He did, however, love the pumpkin and was quite fascinated with the candle.  What memories!

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  1. They are so cute, I am so sorry that Lucy wasn't able to be home to go with them. Ella is so cute in her cat outfit and Jack is just one adorable little chicken.

  2. Juaacklyn CunninghamNovember 4, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    Jack has to be the cutest little chicken ever! Love the last picture. Ella is beautiful as Catwoman.

  3. Love the picture of Ella acting out the cat. They are both precious.

  4. They are both so cute! You have such a beautiful family!

  5. They looked so cute! So did Lucy in the post below!