Fun Friday-Places of Worship

This week I thought it would be fun to share about where you worship. I for one like bragging about my church and would love to invited anyone local to come pay us a visit.  My family attends First Baptist Church and we are excited to be worshiping in a brand new facility.  While I know that the church is more than the building, it really is fun to be a part of something new and exciting.  This summer, the day that Lucy got very ill in June actually, we marched from our old location to our new building.  Over 100 people completed the roughly 2 mile walk.  Young, old, it didn't matter.  We all marched as one united family.

Our church has so many things to offer its members, but I'm most proud of the opportunities we provide for our children.  We have Sunday morning, Wednesday evening and Sunday evening activities and all of them are centered around teaching our children the word of God.  It is so important to me to raise my children in church.  It is where I grew my roots and I look forward to seeing my children do the same.  I could go on and on about FBC, but what I love most is that we are Bible believing, Bible teaching house of God.  You can't ask for more than that from any house of worship.

These pictures are from the walk:

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  1. Kate: Thanks for the photos. We also attend an "FBC" - but it is Foothills Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ. I like that you walked from the old to the new! ENJOY!

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    I have read about you and your sweet family since before my sweet Koralyn ever existed.

  3. What a beatuiful church and beautiful words! I am LDS, and also believe that it is SO important to give our children something to dig their roots into. It can be scary for me to share what I believe, because I get so afraid of offending someone who may believe differently, (I'm a gutless fish sometimes!) ;) so THANK YOU for giving me a chance! I love your blog, love your posts, and pray for you and your family!