Thanksgiving Dinner, Scans and More

We have a logo!  We are official.  I am so excited about all that is happening with the Go Lucy Go Foundation.  We are hard at work planning some exciting events that will help raise money for this wonderful cause.  There are going to be lots of fun ways for you to get involved in the future and we are planning some cool events!  I'm really excited about our next fundraiser....think Tervis Tumblers......

The 3rd Annual Go Lucy Go 5k will be held April 20, 2013 so mark your calendars!

Next Wednesday, November 21st, we will be serving dinner to the 7th floor (and hopefully more) of LeBonheur.  Some of you have emailed me saying you want to help, but when my computer died I lost some names that I had kept on a spreadsheet---please email me again at the following address:

We will have the meal catered, but we do need the following items:
take out boxes (sams or costco)
napkin/utensil/salt and pepper prepackaged sets (sams or costco)
2-liters or tea
cash donations
smiling faces to serve dinner

FYI..Christmas dinner will be served December 21st.  This is a tentative date but please make note of it.

In other business, the Go Lucy Go Foundation did a local book drive to start a library on the 7th floor.  We are going to call it the Ladybug Library.  One of the few things that could bring a smile to Lucy's face while she was undergoing treatment was reading books.  Still to this day she would choose reading books over almost any other activity.  So, we thought it was only fitting that the Foundation could help fill the void on the 7th floor where books were concerned.

Call To Action: We are looking for a few Memphis volunteers who would be willing to be the leads on the project.  I don't think it would be a huge commitment, but it is probably more than any of us (being in Covington) could commit too right now.  I can provide more details if you email me at the above address.

Lastly, I wanted to share that I am so very grateful for the messages I received today about the reflux/asthma issue.  Thankfully the Prednisone has kicked in and Jack is a different child.  We have started him on Prevacid and we are going to eliminate dairy from his diet.  While none of it may help, I am optimistic that we will see some positive results.  Lucy is feeling better today, too.  Tomorrow starts our 3 day "Scan adventure."  Your prayers are needed and appreciated.

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  1. As always our prayers are lifted for Lucy to have clean scans, for Jack's asthma to be controlled, and for Ella to just be a little girl enjoying life and not to carry heavy worries. Lucy looks so much better than a few months ago and we pray for her continued health and remission of this awful disease. And we pray for you and your husband for strength and the hope that soon life will be filled with more joy and less illness.....

  2. Just wanting you to know, Kate, that your family is continuously in our family's prayers. Your strength never stops amazing me. While you truly are "stressed and blessed", you continue to realize that God's blessing are all around you, even during the stressful years you have endured. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and inspiring us each and every day to live life to the fullest. May your stresses lessen and your blessing multiply! :)

  3. Kate, I will be more than happy to help with the book drive in Memphis. Just let me know what I need to do to help!

  4. First of all, lots of prayers being sent! I pray that Jack's asthma gets better, and all the meds help. I am praying for Lucy's scans, and I hope they come back perfect, which I am sure they will. I continue to pray for Ella ... because she just seems so strong, selfless and wise beyond her years. And, of course, for you and Erik.

    I also want to acknowledge you, Kate ... through all of the ups, downs, trips to the ER, trips to Le Bonheur, trips to St. Jude (the list goes on) ... you manage to create a foundation. This speaks volumes of you and your family. Through all the "bad" stuff, you are doing something beautiful. You are truly a gift to everyone -- your husband, your children, your parents, friends and strangers. Keep up the amazing work!!! You are awesome!!!

  5. Prayers are said & sent!!! Will be thining of you & sweet Lucy tomorrow!!! Thank you for all the hard work you do in hopes of bringing attention too & hopefully eleminating this awful disease that has affected your child & life so profoundly.
    God Bless You Dear Kate!!! xo

  6. Glad things are better today - so glad your kiddos are feeling better (and momma too!). Very excited about the Go Lucy Go foundation and absolutely thrilled that Lucy loves to read - I did not know that. Makes me love her all the more. Will be praying for clean scans - God bless you all.

  7. Regarding reflux: My kid (2.5) had horrible asthma. Several trips to the ER and a bunch of daily meds, until one doc suggested an Upper GI. Turns out that he no only has reflux, but a bronchoscopy and an endoscopy showed his valve doesn't close at all AND he was aspirating. So all of his very insane breathing issues were resolved after putting him on reflux meds. All ER visits stopped and no more meds. Hope it works! :)

  8. Would love to help with the foundation any way I can from here is Mississippi

  9. Great news about the Go Lucy Go Foundation! I'm excited about the Tervis Tumbler fundraiser, by the way. I've always wanted some! :) GREAT news about Lucy's good scans. Will be in prayer for her little immune system. Blessings & wishing you all a very happy holiday season.