Afternoon Update

Well, we've had our hands full today.  As expected, the Amifostine made Lucy one sick little girl.  Her blood pressure dropped and she had to lay flat in bed with her feet elevated above her head.  Then she had to receive a bolus of fluids to help her blood pressure regulate.  This made her so, so sick.  She had two doses of the Amifostine, so we did this whole procdure twice today.  One at 10 and the other at 2.  Things have settled down now and she is resting in the bed playing her Dsi.  I can't believe she is not asleep.  She has received Benadryl and Ativan around the clock! 

I am hoping to work tonight on some posts to catch up from my week's vacation from posting.  Having Erik here with me is a huge help and my mom has been here for several hours, too.  Thanks for the extra prayers today. 

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  1. As always, sweet Lucy is in my prayers and thoughts. Hoping she is able to get a good nights rest, and will begin to feel better. God bless her, she is enduring so much, physically, and still manages to smile, and stay sweet.

    Sending many Hugs, to one beautiful girl!
    A Mom-Mom in NJ

  2. I'm sorry Lucy has had a hard day. We will pray for rest tonight.

    My husband did the 5k & we were wondering if there would be a team for Lucy in the St Jude runs this fall? He can run for Sophie Castro's memorial team but he'd like to run for Lucy, too.

  3. Aaaawwwww...so sad to hear that she was so sick! I couldn't imagine how she felt! Hope she gets rested and feels better soooooon! Still praying!

    GO LUCY GO!!!


  4. Still praying for Lucy every night Kate.