Quick Update

Lucy had a wonderful day.  She was NOT happy about her G-CSF injection, but took it.  She finally told us she was scared and that is really didn't hurt.  We had family visit today and we all had a great time.  Lucy just went to bed but got sick almost immediately.  We are all headed there now.  So very, very tired.  Thank you for your prayers.
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  1. She's one tough cookie! :) ((Hugs!))

  2. She is so brave! Hope y'all got some rest last night. And I misread the last post ...I thought a nurse was coming in to check on her at the apt. That would be nice but I'm glad your night didn't have to be interrupted!

  3. Hey Kate, I am glad to hear things are going well with Lucy. I am not sure if she was inpatient or outpatient at this point with her GCSF injection--but if she was inpatient we give our GCSF IV for our little ones not SQ. That maybe something you can ask her MD next time they round so you can get away from giving her a shot. Just a little tidbit, maybe it can make her a bit more comfortable. :) Meg