Day 2 Round 2

We are just in awe of how well Lucy has done today.  She was really sick this morning, vomiting quite a lot.  At one point she had been given Zofran, Benadryl, Ativan and Phenergan all within 30 minutes of each other.  It did help with the nausea so we were glad about that.  One would assume that a child given that many anti-emetics would be knocked out for hours.  Oh, no.  Not Lucy.  She was raring to go and had a blast at physical therapy.  She was insistent on going and was not ready for it to be over when her time was up. 

It was a crazy day on other fronts.  Erik's family came to visit and brought Jack and Ella.  We were thankful to have our room at the Target House to use as a staging ground, with us all taking turns visiting with Lucy.  She enjoyed seeing everyone, but really had a nice time with her sister.  They stayed in the playroom doing art projects forever!  Tomorrow is Sibling Day at St. Jude, so Ella is coming down and Erik and I are going to take her to those activities while my mom stays up stairs with Lucy.  Ella is really excited and I am just in awe of how many things St. Jude does to honor and recognize the siblings of children with cancer.  It's pretty awesome.

(What you are seeing is Lucy eating 5 bites of pancakes.  Maybe she will be the first child to gain an appetite while receiving Chemo.  Crazy!)

And on another note.....Jack discovered he loves the piano as much as his Mommy does!

Praising God for a great day and praying for another good day tomorrow. 
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  1. Hi Kate!

    I am so happy that Lucy had a better day today, with the exception of feeling sick this morning. Love all of the pictures, Lucy looks just like her daddy! It really is awesome that St. Jude holds events for siblings of children with cancer. You are all in this together, it's nice to see St. Jude recognize that. We are definitely with you in praising God for such a great day and will continue to keep your strong and beautiful family in our prayers.


  2. So encouraging to read these words. Loved the picture of Lucy in her dad's lap.

  3. I am so glad to hear Lucy is doing so well. It is truly amazing how strong your family is!

  4. Kate-that is so awesome that st. Jude really does treat the whole family! I have never posted, but wanted to let you and Erik know that I pray constantly for you all-I pray almost as much for Ella as I do for Lucy.
    ~Lindsay Jarman

  5. Sounds like Lucy had a great day! Praise God!

  6. Great news! Glad I'm up too late to read this:) Y'all are on my heart so many times during the day...praying and believing God will heal Lucy completely!

  7. Her sweet face is such inspiration!! Glad she finally got some relief from the nausea.

  8. I am so happy to see how well Lucy is doing! She really appears to be at peace with all that's going on in her pictures! That is so wonderful to see! I also notice how much hair Jack seems to have gotton lately! It's funny I don't really know your family and I am noticing changes in their physical changes (but did learn I think our girls danced together a couple years ago). I am glad you are so willing to share your families story with all of us! It is very inspiring and heart warming to read and see the love your family has for eachother and all the obstacles you are able to overcome, all the while giving the glory to our wonderful God! :)

  9. She is beautiful!! Glad she did so well yesterday.. Praying for you all <3

  10. You have so much strength and I am amazed at how you balance it all! You are such an inspiration!

  11. I just happened upon your blog a day or so ago. I want you to know there will be more prayers coming your way from Pittsburgh for Lucy and your entire family. I think you are amazingly strong!

    I have 3 daughters. Last fall my youngest daughter, at 19 months, woke from a nap and couldn't walk. It took months for them to rule out neuroblastoma, genetic diseases etc. She is finally walking again, though not as smoothly as she did before. They determined it to be caused by a virus ultimately. I had never been through anything like that in my life. It really humbles you and makes you appreciate the life you have. I am so thankful that you are able to go to St. Jude. They sound amazing!

    I will be thinking of Lucy every day and praying for a full recovery!


  12. You are a fantastic mom! I've been following your blog for months now and praying for Lucy daily (several times a day).... hang in there, you're doing a wonderful job.... you make me want to be a better person and a better mom! Thinking of you and your family... in Texas!