Another Day

We are still in the hospital.  Lucy's ANC was 100 again today.  The good news is that her white blood count is rising so they are going to check her ANC again this afternoon.  Sometimes once the WBC starts to elevate, the ANC can rapidly multiply.  We are saying lots of prayers that this will be true for our baby girl. 

My Dad is having surgery today.  This is his 4th knee surgery.  If you know my dad, you know he does slow down ever.  He's a hard worker and will find things to do to keep himself busy.  He's always been this way.  I say this all just to relay that if he is choosing to have this surgery in the middle of summer he really must be in pain.  He will be out of commission for a few months and I know that is going to be so hard on him.  If you don't mind, please lift up a little prayer for him today.

So, another day of arts and crafts and playing the computer.  PT at 1:00 and that's pretty much it! 

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