Super Quick Report

In an unanticipated turn of events, we have been home for a few days.  Home, like our REAL home, not Target house.  We have been soaking up every minute of it, too.  I will not be posting much until we go back into the hospital on Sunday.  While we are enjoying our time here, life has not stopped.  There is still so much to do here.  Anticipating being gone for most of the next 4 weeks leaves me with an unsettling feeling and a very long to-do list.

Apheresis did not go well yesterday and we she will have to undergo the procedure again next month. I will write more about it hopefully tonight or tomorrow because I want to remember the feelings of that day.  I am sick to my stomach just thinking about my sweet Lulu having to go through it again.  All that being said, God continues to bless her and our family as we watch her getting stronger each and every day.  We have full faith that God is healing Lucy and we praise Him for that. 

Signing off...hear a baby crying.  And what a beautiful sound it is to this momma's ears. 
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  1. Love you guys-have a good weekend!

  2. SO sad the Aphesesis didn't go well! Praying the next one is better! It's so hard for me to see Lucy going through this...I can't imagine what y'all are going through! I'm not a family member (although I AM family in Christ) or know y'all very well! I'm praying hard that little "Lulu" will get better sooooooooon, but most of all...God would have His will and way in her life! God has a purpose for this in her life. I have NO clue why little Lucy would have this cancer, yet God had this planned before Lucy ever was! In this very situation God knows, loves, cares, and has a purpose! Even though we don't know what purpose there would be for her to have cancer, God does!

    GO LUCY GO!!!

    Love, Hope, & Prayers 4 Lucy,

  3. There is a suppor/update twitter for sweet Lucy! @TeamGoLucyGo

  4. I'm so sorry she has to go thru that procedure again. Enjoy your time at home...

    Prayers for your family and if course sweet Lucy.

  5. Praying still in Florida!

  6. So glad you are home.... even if for only a few days :)

  7. Hi Kate: It's amazing the strength we have to find to endure the ups and downs in the Jungle of Life! Thank you GOD for the strength and hope you give us! My dear sweet husband has been fighting bone cancer for 2 years and everyday I thank GOD for giving me one more day with him. My prayers are with you hear on earth and heaven above.....

  8. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful postcard with Lucy! You were so sweet to send it out! It is hanging on my refrigerator as a reminder to pray for her and for your family every day!