We Have Lift Off!!

Just as the dietitians said she would, Lucy asked for food last night.  We watched with wide eyes in disbelief as she had 3 bites of a chicken leg and 2 drinks of chocolate milk.  We sang her praises and made a HUGE deal about it all.  This morning when we got to the hospital she picked out chocolate milk from Starbucks and had at least 10 sips, followed by 2 bites of turkey at lunch.  Tonight she tore apart a half of a chicken leg.  It is miraculous to say the least.  We are amazed, bewildered and so very thankful.  Please keep the prayers coming, because they are working!

Today I turned in my key to Target House.  I packed up the last bit of stuff to bring home, donated food from the freezer and pantry to some appreciative families and prayed up and down the halls as I walked back and forth between the car and elevator.  I prayed specifically that we would never walk these halls again as a patient, but rather as servants ministering to the needs of unfortunate families.  I also said a special prayer over room 300.  I prayed that God would bless the next family who stayed in that room, that He would bestow mercy and healing on their child and that the family would be able to feel the presence of prayer when they slept at night. 

**Kristie, thanks for taking care of Lucy and letting her play with Justin while I packed.  She had a wonderful time with her friend.**

 I am so grateful for the friends we have made during our stay and ever so grateful to Target Corporation, St. Jude and the countless individuals that make that place run.  The volunteer organizations alone would take a page to list.

****If your church or service group is looking for a place to plug-in, I would recommend Target House or Ronald McDonald House.  The families staying in these houses look forward to the meals brought in and the entertainment provided to their children. **

I have a ton of pictures I took throughout our stay at the TH that I will post soon.  I need time to organize them all. 

 The field trip yesterday was a success.  While we nearly froze to death while we were there, we still managed to have a good time and take some great pictures!

Even the "adults" managed to have a little fun!

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  1. What a blessed day you have had....prayers will continue throughout your journey!

  2. SO, SO happy Lucy is home and eating!!! This is wonderful news and we will continue to pray for continued healing and happiness!! Sending you all lots of love and big, big hugs!! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!!

  3. kate-it has touched my heart to read that precious lucy is eating again. she had so much spunk as that rowdy, minnie-mouse-voiced little girl running around with lilly...as throughout everything she's been thru, sounds as if she's kept that spirit!!! love you kate!

  4. So thankful for answered prayers!!! Continuing to pray!!

  5. Kate,
    I am so happy to hear that Lucy is recovering. I praise God for His many blessings. I have prayed for Lucy from the beginning of your ordeal, and it's so good to hear she can finally go home! I wish I lived nearby to just give you all a hug (just know I am sending one from California)! I will continue to pray for Lucy's health, as well as peace and rest for you and your family. Kate, I pray that you will be able to let out that breath you have been holding for too long. Thanks for praising God through your storm and blogging about it. You have really encouraged me as I have struggled with my own challenges. It has been painful to watch what you all have been through, but I look forward to reading the triumphs to come. We'll give Him all the glory every inch of the way. God Bless You All! -JC-

  6. Fill that little belly - good job, Lucy! Will keep praying for a good appetite and for all the St. Jude families.

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog and have spent lots of time here. What an inspiring, beautiful family! You have all been added to our prayer list. Praying that your little Lucy will soon be well.

  8. Looks like a great time, great pictures all around.I will be praying for Lucy.

  9. Kate I have followed your blog for months. I have prayed for Lucy's health and strength to get through this phase. I will continue to pray for your family. My prayers will be be for good health, lots of laughter, playing children, sleep overs, sticky hands and faces, pillow fights, teenage dramas, first dates, first drivers licenses, little brother spying on older sister's date, true god guided loves, daddy walking his girls down the isle, grandbabies, many, many family holidays together, and lots of years of normal. Your family has lived in the valley may it now rest on the mountaintop.

  10. Wow! That's awesome! When I was a kid complaining about being hungry, mom would say, "Good! It's a sign your healthy!" Praying for restored health for little Lucy!

  11. Oh this post made my weekend. Lucy you are awesome!!

  12. Yay God!!!!!!!!!!! You are good and Your love endures! Kate, thank you for sharing this. What a way to go into the weekend. When I read this my six year old says "she's being healed!" Lucy is a true princess warrior.


  13. Beautiful picture of Lucy and you!
    Janet Dreher

  14. WAY TO GO, LUCY!!!!!! WOOHOO! Praise the Lord she's finally eating! YAY! I'm so excited! I continue to pray for Lucy and your family daily!

    GO LUCY GO!!!!


  15. Hi Kate,
    I work at Le Bonheur and ran into a few times as I am one of the coordinators for volunteers. I just want you to know that it has been a while since I've looked at your blog and I'm just astounded at how wonderful Lucy is doing and how GREAT she looks! She is so so beautiful. I wish her and your family the best in the days, weeks, and months to come.