Fun Friday and a Little Catch Up

Our Friday scare at St. Jude threw me for a loop.  It was a bit much for me to bounce back.  Hope you understand.  Here's our Fun Friday catch up.

What Are You Thankful For?  Actually, correct grammar would read "For What Are you Thankful?"  But that's a little too formal for this Fun Friday.  Here is what's making me thankful tonight.

Lucy helping my Dad open his birthday presents.

Ella kneading bread dough for teddy bear bread.

Jack discovering foam stickers with Grandma.

My mom loving on my niece, Maddie.

My baby sister on her 32nd birthday.

The salt dough ornaments that the kids made and decorated this week.  These will soon be hanging on my tree.
Silly, but the time I was able to carve out of our crazy life to make puffy paint for Ella.  She was the happiest little girl in the world!

What are you thankful for?  I'd love to know..

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  1. I am so thankful for Lucy's clean scans!! Really and truly I am. :)

  2. I'm not sure if my previous comment came through so I am just doing it again. :) I am truly thankful for Lucy's clean scans! Really!!

  3. I am thankful for sooooo many things this year!
    I'm thankful for my sweet little sister Erica who is one of the strongest people that I know
    I'm thankful for all of the accepting friends that I have who help me through the hard times
    I'm thankful for a nice warm home in a safe neighborhood
    I'm thankful for a great education
    I'm thankful for being accepted into college this week
    I'm thankful for my parents for supporting me through everything
    I'm thankful for my friend Medina, a beautiful young woman who lives in Ethiopia
    I'm thankful for my health and my families health
    I'm thankful that I have enough food to eat every day
    I'm thankful that Lucy had clear scans
    Lots of Love,

  4. I am thankful for my kids, Tori and Sam. Growing fast.

    Thankful for my husband, Steve. With us now bei g caregivers for my mom, he has added to his responsibilities.

    Thankful for mom. Our time with Alzheimer's is challenging right now, but she is here laughing, smiling and eating Rice Krispies.

    Thankful for the tough times we've had. I am stronger and closer to God. Oh, how He has carried me..carried us.

  5. I might link my annual Thanksgiving Day entry if I remember in time, but it will be about how today in teaching Sunday School, I had the kids write things they were thankful for on strips of paper and make them into chains. I encouraged them to add more with their families when they got home and to use them as decorations on the Thanksgiving table. They'll make great conversation pieces, especially when they were things like Jesus, grenades, James Bond, my soul, discovering black holes, siblings, poptarts....

  6. Would you please give your receipe for the salt dough. I'd love to make some ornaments with the granddaughters..

  7. I thought of you today & wished for a better day for all of you! I hope Lucy is feeling better as are you Sweet Kate! Thinking of you & sending you lots of Love, Friendship & Support from Canada!!! xoxo Jenn xoxo