Home Sweet.....

Home away from home.  We are settled into the Target House, thankful for a nice, safe place to lay our  heads tonight.  We got discharged from the hospital around 6pm, so we are all very tired.  Lucy has an appointment tomorrow at noon for her first G-CSF injection.  And yes, I said injection.  We are not going to take our chances with the IV form and she will have to have a shot for the next week or so.  We are dreading it, but the threat of a fourth cell collection is unbearable. 

When I went to pick up dinner tonight, I parked close to this car...

You probably can't tell what it is, but this person has a Go Lucy Go decal on the back of their SUV.  I was so blown away that I sat in the car with tears streaming down my face.  I don't know the owner of this vehicle, but wanted to find them and hug them and tell them "thank you" for loving my daughter.  It was awesome. 

I should have my hands on Ella and Jack by 10am.  I am beyond excited.  Erik and Lucy just went to bed.  I'm following behind them.  It's been a long week.  There will be no one coming in every two hours tonight to check vital signs.  Yipee!!!
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  1. So glad you are getting settled in for the night. Hugs to you all. I am glad that you "came upon" this vehicle with that awesome decal. When we were at the lake a couple of weeks ago. I saw several. Alot of them were on non-Tipton Co. cars. I was in awe! :) I kept telling Erik, "LOOK! There's another one!" :) Call me if you need me!

  2. God is Good! We are all praying for your family from Murfreesboro to Morrison, TN! You can beat this Lucy, we know you can.

  3. It is amazing the support that Lucy (an your family) has. We (my family and I) feel as though it is a family member going through this journey. We have grown so "close" to her just through your blogs. Your love that comes through your words makes us love her. Thank You for touching my heart. I kissed my 3 girls extra tonight. I will not take the ability to be healthy and under one roof for granted ever again. Thank You for teaching me to treasure my sweet angels (even more)!!

  4. So so glad you got to go "home" & I think it's awesome that someone will come there to check on her through the night!

    Very cool about the car with the Lucy sticker. I see them everywhere up here (atoka).

  5. Kate it's not just Lucy that we love. We love all of you. God has been able to fill our hearts with love for people that we've never met yet we feel like you are a part of our family. I constantly pray for Lucy's complete recovery so that she will be a walking testimony of God's love, mercy and strength. I pray for God to give you, Erik, Ella, Jack and the rest of your family and friends, strength, comfort and faith during Lucy's recovery. I fully believe that is what she is going through now is her recovery. You have many unseen prayer warriors on your side so during the times you are tired, angry, overwhelmed, etc., take a min to rest and know that as your prayer warriors.........."We've got this!"

  6. Kate- there have been times when I go see patients and the house next door has a purple and pink ribbon on the mailbox. Just some random person in Millington knows Lucy! Its amazing! We love you guys and continue to pray for Lucy!

  7. sending love from munster, indiana. go lucy go!

  8. wow - everything you post is uplifting and tears at my heartstrings, but I think I kinda got a taste of how you felt when you saw the sticker "at random" - kinda the way I feel reading about it here...

    I don't believe in coincidence... that was a Blessing!