Monday, April 25, 2011


Ella came with Lucy, Mom and me today.  These sisters just LOVE each other (when they aren't fighting, that is.)
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  1. there's nothing in this world better than a sister! God bless those girls! what a sweet picture.

  2. Kate,
    I do not post often, but I read all of your updates. I pray for Lucy's complete and uncomplicated healing. My three daughters are also lifting up your sweet family in prayer... at each meal and bedtime prayer. Lucy has become an often spoken name in this household. We will continue to bring Lucy before God's throne in prayer.
    May God bless you this day with joy and peace!
    Summer Dale

  3. That sounds about right. ;-) They are so cute - such good medicine for each other.

  4. So sweet! It's wonderful to see Lucy smiling:)

  5. So glad Lucy has a sister with her so she can have a good friend who will always stay with her!

  6. What sweeties! I have pictures of my girls together when my little one was in the hospital. They are something I cherish.