Medicine Room

My newly created arts and crafts/sewing room has now been transformed into the not-so-wanted (but much needed) medicine room.  This is just one box of medial supplies that Lucy requires on a daily basis.  Just a glimpse of our new normal.

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  1. That reminds me of when my Dad began home IV treatments for Lyme disease when I was in high school. We received boxes of medicines like this and a nurse came weekly to check on him for 2-3 months.... it was a much shorter season than what you are dealing with, though he still has chronic issues resulting from that.

    I know they are far from your mind right now, but some day I'd love to see some of your craft projects on here.

  2. But aren't you so very thankful that there are meds available to help her... And that there are physicians who are blessed with the understanding to take care of sweet Lucy? I am. :)

    And remember that God is the Great Physician... He's with her each step of this journey... be it uphill or smooth sailing on the downhill... He's got you all in the palm of His hand.

    Hang in there, Kate... you're doing a wonderful job!!! Be strong when you are able, and lean on God when you're not... He's always there to catch you and hold you.

    Don't forget to take care of YOU! :)

    Selena Bragg
    Columbia, MO

  3. I'm sorry that is your new normal, but I am glad you are taking to it. You are doing a great job transitioning to her new normal.