First Weekend Home

I better not jump the gun, but so far so good.  This Saturday was our first Saturday home since Feb 19th.  5 whole weeks.  And boy did we enjoy it.  Mostly we just did some spring cleaning and visited with family.  Lucy felt wonderful and we were able to spend some time outdoors.  This is going to be a picture post for sure.  Lots of fun memories made. 

While Ella, Erik, Jack, Grandma and Grandpa were out of the house tonight at Ella's school, Lucy and I spent some quality time together.  It was so nice and we giggled and laughed like we had no cares in the world.  She spent a lot of time opening presents from our sweet friends and the most wonderful "strangers" ever!  There are some very thoughtful people in this world.  She really opened up with me and let herself be carefree and actually enjoyed opening her gifts.  We then played beauty shop---something I've been dreading for a long time. 

Since her very first surgery I have not been able to wash Lucy's hair.  There were a few times when I tried to wash "at it" but was quite unsuccessful.  It was awful.  Bless her heart I can't believe I let her out in public the last week with her hair looking like it did.  But, as with most things in my life, hair is just a thing.  Who cares!  My biggest concern tonight was that it was going to all come out when I started washing it.  She was shedding a lot this morning so we were all a little concerned that a good washing might be the end.  Thankfully it was not and she has a beautiful head of clean blond hair..at least for now.

I will write more tomorrow, but for now I am going to say thank you to my father in law who is getting up with Jack tonight so I can SLEEP.  I am so tired. 

We woke up and the girls played their DS and Wii while I went to get donuts and a Sonic drink.

Then I got to feed Jack.  He was barely starting to eat when Lucy's first got sick.  Now he eats ALL the time.

After we had breakfast, Erik's parents came over.  Grandpa helped Erik in the yard and garage and Grandma entertained the kiddos while I did some house work. 

Before long the day was almost done and my parents, brother, sister and Maddie came for a visit.  Jack and Maddie seemed to have a lot of fun playing together today.

As I put Jack to bed tonight I spent the whole time just praising God and thanking Him for a wonderful day at home with my family.  It is a day I will cherish for a long time to come.  Not because there was anything special going on, but because there wasn't.  It was just us.  Here.  As a family. 

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  1. Kate, that was such a beautiful post, full of, as you said "normal" things a family does on the weekend. Lucy looks wonderful, and it just warms my heart to see her smiling, and enjoying fun, every day things with her family. Hoping that tomorrow will be just as great a day for you all. Continuing to pray that Lucy will have an easy time with her treatments, and keep feeling good. God bless her, she is so precious, and such a pretty and very brave little sweetheart! Her smile makes my heart happy. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and take one day at a time, and if that gets to tough, take one hour at a time. God will carry you, when you think you can't make it. We are all here, praying for your whole family, so never feel alone. You are all truly loved, by complete strangers, who have suddenly become your new friends! Praise God for such a pleasant day for Lucy!
    Sending Hugs!
    A Mom-Mom in NJ

  2. WOW, what awesome news!! So thankful for such a great day you spent with family! Praying Lucy continues to feel well and for another good day tomorrow. Love tonight's pictures, especially the one of Jack and Maddie in their stare down!!! Lucy's smile in the pictures is absolutely breathtaking. It's always so good to see her smile. GOD IS GOOD! GO LUCY GO!!

  3. So glad Lucy had such a good day. She looks very happy in the pictures! Jack and Maddie look like they could be twins lol. So cute.

  4. So glad you had a "normal" day! We continue to pray for Lucy and the rest of your sweet family!

  5. Your pictures make everyone feel so involved in this journey to heal through God's ways. You have an amazing family, and you are an amazing mother. Prayers continuously.


  6. I love love LOVE the last paragraph. SO happy to see this. In tears. :)

  7. So happy you had a wonderful "normal" family day! I hope there are many more to come!

  8. It is so good to sere the her smiling and I can picture the smile on your face just reading your post. I am so happy for you guys! We continue to pray daily that 1st Lucy is healed of cancer and 2nd that the chemo and radiation touches only the cancer and that there are NO side effects!!! I pray today was just as good as Saturday! Le love you guys!!!

  9. came across your blog a couple of days ago! been praying for your family ever since! lucy is a precious little girl! you are a very strong person!!! glad you were able to enjoy everyone home....something that people take for granted. take care and adding your family to my daily prayers! hugs from louisville, ky.

  10. Kate,
    I want you to know that I pray for you and your sweet Lucy everyday! My husband was diagnosed with a GBM at 25. I have traveled down parts of your road. The hope that I give you is that God is GOOD. He is holding you up when all you want to do is fall down and cry. He is the one who puts a smile on your face and gets you through all the sleepless nights. He is GOOD.....

    I know that it is so scary is Lucy begins to lose her hair. One thing that you might consider to help Lucy through it is to gather her hair as is falls out, and put it out on the porch for birds to use in making there nests. I know this has helped other children like Lucy.

    I will continue to lift you all up and pray for complete healing on Earth!

    Shea Lair